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The Bound - Session 3, End of first Story

This was a big session.  I firmly believe that a roleplaying game is defined by the end of the third session.  Once that point happens, characters are pinned down completely, without anymore wavering on certainly personality types.  The Storyteller has found the correct mix of combat events, roleplaying, puzzles, and character interaction for the current group - thank the LORD Almighty, my group is over their DnD-isms, and comabt is going to only happen when it is deserved for story purposes.  It also is the last time that serious rulings can be made, like any attendencing and curbing OOC conversation.  I gave my group homework, to go and read innocent_man's essays on a Beautiful Player.  If you folks haven't read it, go and do so.  It says everything a Storyteller/GM/DM has ever wanted to say to his players.

We were once again missing JC, which threw this entire session for a loop for me.  Then JC's player has the audacity to sit with his girlfriend in the public area we're playing in, even though he told everyone he was going to be heading home.   Arg.  Anyway, on to Session 3, and then end of the introductory arc.

If you might remember from last week, the Stonewall Brigade was split: Paul and Isaac staying behind in Abbeville, SC, thinking it important to stop any possessions that the powerful Spirit might try to pull; Stoke, Simmon, Ford, and Sam all agreeing their job was finished and heading back to Iva, SC, to pick up their papers from Mac.

We started with Sam having an Elpis dream - He was in the swamps and saw a man who was all blue.  The Man pointed to a door in the swamp, which lead to Sam's old home.  Inside, the TV was on, and playing static, until the static showed and sounded out "Simmon."  He immediately awoke as the Lindwurm pulled up to Mac's Pawn Shop around midnight.  There was no one there - more specifically, no Azoth-to-Azoth of JC, but there was an envelope on the door, with a small note and the keys to the shop so they can get what they wanted: Simmon's fake Driver's License and Stoke's fake papers.  They also found a note from JC saying he and Mac had to take care of "something" and that "The Shadow is cool."  Sam left a note about what they had seen in Abbeville.

Simmon, bored, tried to crank up the Suburban, but it wouldn't crank.  Attributing it to a very damaged dragon-spirit, Simmon went to sleep.  As they waited outside, they did eventually - everyone but Sam - feel Azoth call to Azoth, but it was somehow different from JC, coming from down the highway.  The group decided to walk down the highway and meet whoever this other Promethean might be.

In Abbeville, JC and Paul tried to find something to do that night.  They caught up with some folks leaving a local opera, and eventually were invited to come to church in the morning.  They thought it might be a good idea, but what is a Promethean to do while everyone sleeps?  After two rounds of the city proper, Isaac noticed a figure on Secession Hill.  He felt no terror as he approached, so he, with Paul in tow, went to investigate.

Aura Sight immediately showed the being to be a ghost, a depressed one at that.  He eventually, after some very persistant players, showed his face, or lack thereof.  He said he weeps because he is lost.  They realize that he is sitting on the plaque for a buried unknown soldier.  He tried to help, telling them the little he remembers - fighting his brother, "Jackson", the beach of a warm ocean.  It was at this point, after the two Created say they will help the Soldier ghost when a hand bursts forth from his chest, grabbing his face, and ripping the ghost in two, revealling once more the Spirit of Confederacy.  He shot at the two, real slugs this time, with two of them loding themselves into Isaac.

An hour passed as Sam, Ford, and Stoke eventually met the Promethean they had felt, Old Blue, a Riven.  He walked with them back up to the Suburban, offering advice and wisdom, but refusing to speak of his Ramble.  All he said was that he didn't have a throng any longer.  Blue offered to guide the group into the swamps.  More specifically, Ford and Blue connected and started working on a Blues song based on a phrase Ford made in anger, named "Looking for My Soul in a Broken Guitar."

After waking up Simmon, they went off into the swamp, taking a few boats.  The trip was long, and gave Stoke a chance to enter Elpis.  He dreamed of being in a huge empty room, all black.  Then in the center of the room, lights come up on a boxing ring of sorts.  As Stoke approached it, he saw Ford standing in the center of the ring, motioning him to him.  As soon as Stoke got into the ring, though, he fell into a trapdoor and began to be buried alive.  He woke from it, in a dour mood.

Back in Abbeville, it was time for church.  Isaac and Paul went to a little Baptist Church, and got invited to a Bar-b-que afterwards in the park.  Isaac also achieved a milestone: Participate in a religious service.

The group found the home, with Sam of course being the most affected.  They enter and see that while the Wretched that Sam had killed still lying there, his old Mentor was nowhere to be seen.  Old Blue spat on the Wretched, calling him Tom and sawing he deserved what he got.  Simmon, bored, went to watch TV.  Stoke looked for food to eat.  Ford fiddled with his guitar.  Old Blue went outside.  And Sam tried to decide what he should do with Tom's body.  He eventually decided to bury him.  Then a special report came on the TV.

A news report from Savannah, GA, continued the watch for Stephan Sebastian, the Savannah District Attorney's son, missing since last Saturday.  Then a picture got put up of Stephan Sebastian ...

And showed that Stephan is Simmon's body. (Gotta love Fresh Corpse)

Simmon googled the family and found a scrapbook webpage, which just about destroyed the little guy.  Blue at this point came back with some terrible wounds, smashing the television to "recharge."  He said he had found wolf tracks outside, suggesting that Sam's mentor was part of Mac's pack, and they - with JC in tow - had gone to bury their Packmate correctly.  With that, Blue tossed Ford some strings for his guitar, then said he might see them again on the road, and left.  As Sam finished burying Tom, he turned his back on the house, hitting his first milestone: Return to your old home.  Now reaffirmed, he and the rest headed back to the Pawn Shop and to Abbeville to get the rest of the Throng.

At around 12:30, the Throng came back together (mostly ... [insert bitter mumbling]) and everyone wanted to go to the Bar-b-que, except Simmon, who didn't really wanna do anything but drive or sleep, so he chose sleep.  As everyone got together with the humans, the disquiet rolls started setting in badly, trumped completely by the arrival of a little blue-haired racist lady they had met the other day.  After a bit of a tussle ((Storyteller note: since the scene was so big, I separated in into two technical scenes happening simultaneously, to deal with both Stoke's and Paul's level 5 disquiet.)) which involved Stoke being pulled into the back of a pick-up by the deacons who decided they needed to capture him and remove the demons from him - and also resulted in a loss of Humanity as Stoke shot out at the deacons with his .44 - and Paul being tackled by deacon's daughters wanting to jump his bones - and let me tell you, the bashing damage he took to get away from them safely scared the bejeezus out of Paul - and their envious boyfriends and male friends, who all stabbed and threw things at him. 

They all rolled really well against Torment - except for a scare from Paul because of said bashing damage to the genitals - and were saved by some quick thinking of Simmon, Animating Lindwurm the Suburban with all his pyros to get it to catch and save the group, and Stoke, throwing all his disquiet onto the Pastor to be able to escape.

The group traveled back to Iva, afraid that the mob was following them, and a very tense arguement, which lead to a fistfight, between Simmon and Isaac and Ford, as Simmon would not give them to keys to hide the car behind the Pawn Shop.  Stoke and Sam put the Suburban in neutral and pushed it behind the building by the time that any resolution was made.  Paul, in shock, just sat down, unable to think, until he eventually took a run, having a great moment trying to figure out if Ferrum was right for him, or if his Pride was getting the best of him.

The story ended with the group voting on where to go.  After the absurdity of Paul's request to go to Egypt was looked over, the choices were Savannah (to follow up on Stephan Sebastian), Vegas (for Ford's milestone he learned from the Scrutiny), and New York City (to follow up on the strange Verney Publishing Company that seemed to be publishing books with Pilgrim Marks on them).  It was decided in a 3-2 vote, with two abstains, that New York was the destination. 

The last moment was Ford trying to pick out his and Blue's song, and having his first Elpis dream.  In it, he saw a slot machine, that when he pulled it, he saw a little tv screen showing him and the old blue-haired-lady in Abbeville ballroom dancing.
This was all bull, as the Elpis dream failed.

So now they are heading to NYC, a new story on the horizon.  And special for you folks here only, I got some spoilers for the future, and I'm talking REAL spoilers, not fake little ones anyone could figure out.  And I'll give out bonus points is people can figure out my references in the spoilers.  Mwhahahaaha, reader interaction!!!

1) We get to see our first Qashmallim next session.
2) The reference I referred to: Shakespeare.  5 points.
3) This is the biggie: the group has met Ford's Creator.  We'll be seeing more of everyone's favorite travelling blues man in the future.
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