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Promethean: the Bound

I've loved reading Water of Life, and since it is over, and just in time for my own game to start (which was last Friday), I figured I would post my own Promethean that started last Friday on here, to continue to entertain the Promethean masses.

Here is a rundown of the characters.

 -  Paul, a Muse following Ferrum.  He was created two thousand years ago in Ancient Egypt, immediately falling asleep after waking from the slab and turning into a statue much like his lines progenitor started, supposedly.  He slept for that entire time, his statue body - that of an Egyptian Palbearer - was sent to museum to museum, causing no disquiet but eventually be shipping somewhere else because of Wasteland.  About a month ago, though, he awoke again in Washington DC, lying in the shipping crate they had sent him in.  His azoth flared and filled a stone khopesh in another box.  Grabbing this, Paul turn and noticed a piece of paper nailed to the front of his shipping box.  It was a page on an essay about Stonewall Jackson, and was letterheaded to:
"The Desk of Professor Reese
c/o Anderson University
316 Boulevard
Anderson SC, 29621"
Paul is now traveling that way, sleeping in malls along the way as a marble mannequin.

 - Stoke, a Golem following Aurum.  He woke up a few weeks ago, naked and buried in an old rice patty behind a large Charleston SC plantation.  As he stood, covered in only mud and rice, the owner of the plantation came running out.  Miraculously, he did fall to disquiet, or at least swallowed it down seeing the Golem in need.  He and his wife took in the Golem, trying to give him a shower and clothes and food.  In his southern drawl, the man laughed at the Tammuz's silence, saying "You sure are a stoic fella, ain'tcha?"  The Golem took that word "stoic," as a moniker.  The next morning, a letter arrived for Stoke, with another page of the essay on the same letterhead.  Needless to say, Stoke headed to Anderson University.

 - Sam Grundy, a Golem following Ferrum.  He pulled himself out of the swamps of South Carolina and found a freezer-bag.  Inside it was a Bible, a Swamp Thing comic book, and a note, saying "I'm sorry I did this, but you wanted it."  Sam wandered the swamps until he met a blind Vietnam veteran (who just happened to be a Werewolf) that brought the wandering Golem to his home.  The two lived there as friends and brothers for three years.  Sam created for himself his name from Samson and the supervillian Solomon Grundy, one to remind him to be strong in his search for humanity, and the other to remind him that he could always end up a monster in the swamp.  But the nice life was not meant for a Promethean.  One night, a Wretched, reeling from Torment, came banging on the Vet's door.  The Wretched murdered the blind werewolf, and enraged Grundy, who killed the torment driven promethean.  Having nothing left, Grundy found a piece of the same essay as the previous throngmates-to-be, sending him to AU.

 - JC, an Osirian following Mercurius.  He woke up in NYC, a bum in a water-filled dumpster near 5th Ave.  He was wearing a JCPenny bag as a shirt, and could see the JCPenny across the street from where he awoke.  The pawn shop next  door had MSNBC covering the presidential debates, which immediately drew JC's attention.  After a few weeks, JC had a firm grasp on English, as well as a firm grasp on his own political beliefs.  But first he needed to be a productive member of society.  He crossed the streets to JCPenny, and asked for a job.  He was laughed out of the store.  On his way back, taped to the pawn shops front window was a $100 and another piece of the mysterious Civil War essay.  JC immediately bought some respectable looking clothing and headed to Anderson, SC.

 - Simmon, an Ulgan following Mercurius (pronouced like Simon).  Simmon is very young, made from a fifteen year old.  He awoke in the bedroom of a haunted house in Savannah, Georgia as the last tour group of the day passed through.  He took the backpack that was with him, believeing it to be his, and put on the aviator/snowboarding goggles that lay beside him, reading "Simmons" as a possessive of his, meaning that those must be his, and he must be "Simmon."  As he easily snuck into the last tour group, one of them dropped another of the mysterious essay pages.  With nothing else left to help him, Simmon donned his goggles and headed to South Carolina.

 - Ford, an Ulgan following Cuprum.  Ford is literally only a day old, having woken "on the slab" in the swamps outside of Anderson.  He was wet and covered in muck, having nothing on him but a large coat and a pair of pants, both soaked with Swamp water.  He found a wallet in the coat's pocket, but it had nothing in it but another of the essay pages.  As he left the swamp, a guy in a pick-up offered him a ride.  When asked his name, Ford leaned back and chose the only word he could see at the time, "Ford."

 - Emotitron 1.76b, an Unfleshed following Cuprum.  Made by a lonely engineer who had very terrible luck with women, Emo was the perfect companion.  He was physically capable of doing everything his energetic creator liked, such as sports, karate, and working out.  But more importantly, he could read people and their emotions amazingly well, helping his creator whenever he needed a psychiatrist's opinion.  Emo isn't quite sure when the Divine Fire filled his being, but he knew that as soon as it happened, his creator freaked out and ran, leaving Emo behind in his creator's home.  Emo found some clothing he liked, put it on, and waited for a few days, reading a few books his master kept.  While reading in a greek mythology book, he came to the story of Prometheus and the Divine Fire.  It was here he found the last page of the Stonewall Essay as a bookmark.  It being his only clue, and somehow linked to the Divine Fire coursing through him and the Fire mentioned in the myth, Emo headed to Anderson, SC.

Through the magic of storytelling, all the characters will reach the school at roughly the same time.  I'll keep everything updated Saturdays, if I can help it, as we will be playing Fridays.  Hope who ever out there enjoys reading this.
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