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Water of Life Update

Last time, the throng was about to ascend a building and look into this locus thingie, in an attempt to find a pack of werewolves that might know something about Moses Moon's death. Phoenix, having just arrived with Jesse, climbed the wall in seconds, while Marty just flew up (the others started climbing, more slowly). At the top, Marty and Phoenix heard a rumbling sound, like a chainsaw...and then the chainsaw-spirit attacked.

Marty flew up again and shot at it, while Phoenix used her knife The spirit responded by setting them both on fire. Julia jumped off the building (4 dots in Parkour make this a not-dangerous thing) and rolled around to put it out. Marty tried and failed, and got pretty scorched. Hank and Jesus made it to the top, grappled the spirit, and at Marty's suggestion, threw it off the roof. It vanished, and the Prometheans started looking around.

Presently, a werewolf emerged from a hidden door in the roof and questioned them. Through conversation, they learned that the werewolves had looked into Moon's death a little, but hadn't noted anything supernatural about it. He also mentioned ongoing problems with "Tzumuufin" (Ivory Claws), and that looking into other stuff had been difficult because of it. He did say, though, that there had been a strange smell near Moon's death site - it reminded him of salt and grease.

The characters decided that Glaser Mining bore more investigation, went out to their offices. One lone security guard at a gate, but they snuck by him and Marty used his new Imaginal Friend Transmutation to make his can of spraypaint fly around and take out the cameras. They crept over to the door and were working on breaking in, and then Marty and Phoenix decided to go try and get the code from the guard. But as they approached, something attacked the guardhouse - two pale, hairless humanoid creatures ran down the guard and started biting on him. The throng attacked and killed them, and noted that they seemed to deflate when they died. They bagged the gruesome remains and called the cops to deal with the critically injured guard, and then left the property, figuring to return later when the activity had died down a bit.

Jesus used Sense Pyros on the remains, and due to his Rarefied Senses, detected something that felt like Hank's void-like humour. Phoenix tasted both Hank's humour and the stuff (and in the process earned Marty's respect and thus that of the throng, fulfilling an important milestone), and realized that it did, indeed, taste like Hank in some way. Hank, infuriated, guessed that this might go back to when he'd been robbed of his Vitriol, but Marty suspected that the cave-in might have allowed Glaser to find some piece of Hank and thus enable them to create a race of slaves. Either way, they decided to bring the remains to Carla Two for more study.

As they approached Dragoon Court, they saw a riot in progress. Her Disquiet had finally reached the torch-and-pitchforks stage, evidently. As Marty and Phoenix used various powers to turn the crowed against itself, Hank and Jesus climbed the rotting fire escape and discovered that Carla had trapped one of the pale things beneath her fridge. They agreed to take her away to safety and crushed the monster, and then escaped via the fire stairs.

They shared information and decided to sleep on it, and see what Elpis revealed. Jesus used Many Hands to merge the dreams of Phoenix, Jesse, himself and Carla. They dreamed that they were working in the slaughterhouse again, but assembling bodies with a gun filled with a cold liquid. The building was a huge factory with tall smokestacks, and it smelled of grease and blood (but not salt). The machinery was marked with "DDD." During the dream, Phoenix saw everything stop dead, and a foreman walked up and handed her a pink slip. He said, "Whenever you want to leave, you consider yourself dismissed."

Waking, they discussed the dream. Phoenix seemed to feel (and Carla agreed) that the dream indicated that she was ready to move on to the New Dawn, but she didn't actually feel ready. The characters looked in the phone book for companies with DDD initials, but didn't find anything promising. They headed downtown for a bird's-eye view of the city, and saw Milwaukee Junction and Zug Island as two places with huge smokestacks. After some library research, they found a picture in Milwaukee Junction of a factory called "Body Factory #22." That seemed a good start, so they headed there.

Milwaukee Junction is a kind of man-made wasteland. Inside the factory, they found the remains of a lot of dead homeless, and were subsequently attacked by three more of those things. They killed them handily, and pressed on into the darkened, filthy factory.

Next week, we'll see where those things are made. The results may surprise you. Unless you're weaver42.
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