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Water of Life Update

No JuliaPhoenix tonight, as hot493 was in Vegas.

Marty spent the week clubbing, gambling and generally being around people. He hooked up with Jesus, Hank, Nathan and Spence (Phoenix and Jesse were off jumping off buildings), and they decided to go try and find these "Brightmoor Devil" people. Following the advice of the mage they met last session, they headed out to Waterworks Park. There, they looked around and found a splash of blood against a tree, as though something had been stabbed through a person into the trunk. Marty looked across into the Shadow, and found a blighted wasteland. Huge (man-sized) insect-like things were chewing on the tree spirits. Marty shut off his power hurriedly, and the throng left for the actual Brightmoor neighborhood.

There, as they were driving down Woodland in their brand new RV (that Marty had picked up with the insurance check from the first one), Marty saw an immense spider-like spider jumping at the RV. It landed with no impact (spirit and all), but Marty got out of the car and saw a man chasing it. He called to the man and asked if he was "chasing that thing." The man stopped to talk with Marty, indicating that the chase could wait.

The man was a werewolf, part of the Brightmoor Devils pack. The pack talked with the throng, and indicated that they were at war with another (unnamed) pack, that they referred to as Tzumuufin that wanted to make slaves out of people. They also said that they didn't know Moses Moon outside of reputation, but that a pack of "Bone Shadows" who claimed territory down near the Oculus Bookstore did. That area, they said, played host to a lot of supernatural beings, and they just wanted to defend their turf up here in Brightmoor. The pack leader mentioned the Woodland Avenue was known as the "Hunting Path" in Detroit, and other packs used it to chase down powerful spirits.

On their way out, the throng passed a cell phone retailer. Every phone in the place started ringing, and so Jesus answered. It was Carla Two, of all people. She told them that she was in town, and that Detroit was where "it happens." She gave them directions to her place. The throng decided that even if she was a Centimanus (which they'd wondered about after Pandorans had attacked them in Chicago right after she left), they could take her. They trooped out to a housing project called Dragoon Court.

The place was a wasteland, literally and figuratively. Burned out neighborhood, crackheads, the whole bit. And then they felt her Azoth, much more powerful than before. They walked toward the building a man approached them, ranting about how the system destroyed his neighborhood and how people couldn't find jobs. Marty gave him a twenty and told him to go eat. Hank pointed out that he probably wouldn't buy food, but Marty felt that maybe it would feel good for him either way. The throng had to move someone out of the way of the door (obviously infected with Disquiet), but made it upstairs to Carla's place.

There, they found that she was perhaps a little nuts. There were chalk drawings on the walls, with a picture of the Detroit skyline and fiery birds rising up from it. On the ceiling was a series of faceless men, and a detailed face with fire in its eyes and a twisted grin. Also, she was in the habit of marking up newspapers, looking for patterns. She told them about her dreams, and about how here was where she (and they) would find the New Dawn. Jesus, studying the pictures, saw the letters "DDD" in several, but Carla couldn't explain that, only that she'd seen it in her dreams.

Jesus, now a dreamer himself, sat down to meditate. In his Elpis vision, he saw the man's face change into a more human one. It grew a body, and floated down into the city, which had grown out from the skyline. Jesus heard a car crash, and then the faceless men floated down and started populating the city. Confused, Jesus related this to the throng.

Marty, for his part, noted that a recent article about "laser" technology had been altered to read "Glaser" instead. Glaser Mining, of course, was the company that had owned the ill-fated concern in Colorado. Marty made a note of that, and the throng left, taking Carla's number in case they found out a good lead on anything. Carla, it seemed, was kind of stuck.

The throng went then to the Oculus, where Marty talked, without much success, to the cat-creature. His dragon informed him that it wasn't a spirit, and Marty, intrigued, told the cat that he was still curious. "Get used to disappointment," the cat replied. It did tell him, though, that there was a locus nearby, and that the local pack liked to hang out there. It required climbing a building, though.

The characters went to the building, and were about to climb it (or fly, in Marty's case) when Jesse arrived. Phoenix, he said, was en route. So next time, more werewolves.
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