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Water of Life Update

The characters headed across I-70, following the spirit's guidance to catch up with the RV. Marty learned enough trucker slang to put out some feelers for it, so as to track it that way, too. A day later, they got a tip that it was headed through St. Louis, which is where Nathan is from, sorta. They dropped Jesse and Spence off at a mall on the way into town in order to lessen the impact of Azoth calling to Azoth, and drove around for a while, searching for a hit.

They found the RV via Jesus' Firebranded DVDs, in fact. The RV was on the top floor of a parking garage, and the cables on the perimeter had been snapped. As they approached, the RV started up. Marty used Ephemeral Flesh and yelled out for the spirit inside; turns out it was a ghost. Marty conversed with it, and asked it if it really had to wreck the RV. It said it wasn't enslaved to do that, it just liked wrecking things. Marty asked it to spare the computer (but that he didn't care about the RV), but failed to convince the ghost, and it drove the RV over the side.

Down the street, Marty talked with it again. The ghost said that it had seen other people enter the RV after Persephone had left it. From his description, it would be the folks who've been filming the characters of late. Marty filed the paperwork to get his insurance claim for the RV, and the characters headed back to claim Jesse and Spence. Jesus and Hank started working the streets, as it were, looking for a way to sell the group's semi.

It took all night, but they found someone who had a contact. A new guy in town, name of Grease, was interested. Hank (working alone because he can Quell Disquiet), paid the dude off for the information and went to meet Grease at a warehouse. Grease said that he'd just bought the place, and would come for the truck soon, but could Hank pick the model of the truck from a picture, so he'd know what he was getting? Hank walked over to a workbench...and a large, metal object fell on his head.

Turned out to be a truck engine. Stunned, Hank was pushed down and grappled (which is a switch). Grease pulled a big hypodermic needle out of his tool belt and stole a bit of Vitriol from Hank. Hank tried to fry them with Divine Lightning...and the player failed the roll. He then rolled to resist Torment...and failed. Hank sank into Torment, which means lightless, soundless nothing. His assailants fled.

Meanwhile, Jesus, outside, hadn't heard any ruckus because there was a loud device running inside (turned out to be an air compressor, but not plugged in or serving any other focus but making noise). By the time he got in, the assailants were gone. Jesus waited for Hank to get out of Torment, and while he did he took a look around. The place was sparse, and there was no evidence of a stakeout. These folks had been ready to roll.

Marty and the others arrived, and considered what next. They're still looking to sell the truck, and Hank wants some payback, so he called the guy who'd hooked him up with Grease and asked about him. The contact told him about a bar on the north side of town called "Megs." So they're headed there next time.
Tags: actual play, water of life
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