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Water of Life Update

Recall that two weeks ago, we were charging into the woods so that the characters could intervene in a battle between drunken mobs and the Round Lake Devil. As the Prometheans (plus Murray Holbrook, whom you'll recall was immune for the day to both Hank's Disquiet (Quell Disquiet) and Marty's Disquiet (exceptional success on the roll)) ran into the clearing, they saw a good 10 guys in the forest and the Devil himself standing in a clearing, with a body of a man in front of him. It was dark, but that Devil looked like he had wings.

Julia ran in front and yelled, "Help! They're after me!" This put the focus on the other characters and allowed her to run to the Devil and look for the missing girl, but totally blew the element of surprise. Also in that turn, the instigator of the mob shot the Devil, but didn't drop him (he's a tough fucker). The other Prometheans joined the fray - Jesus disarmed a guy, Nathan got smacked around a little (he needs some fighting skillz), Hank grappled someone, Marty just flanked and watched out for Murray.

The real craziness started the following turn. Some folks roughed up the characters, but Jesus punched and nearly dropped the guy with the shotgun. Marty told Murray to stay put and flew up into the trees (really, he has a sharpened stake that he uses Animate Firetouched on). He then sent that stake into a guy's butt, meaning to distract him, but actually severed the femoral artery and nearly killed him. Hank knocked a few guys out, Nathan got stuck with a pitchfork, Julia grabbed the girl and started running. The Devil smacked her once before she convinced him that they weren't going to hurt Linney.

The fight was pretty much over at this point. Marty flew up above the treeline to get a signal and called for medical help. They stabilized the dying guy, and talked to the Devil, whose name is Jehrameel Leeds. He wanted nothing more than for Linney to stay with him, and Linney wanted that, too, but the characters talked some sense into them. After this, Linney wouldn't be able to stay out here (and really, how appropriate is it for a 12-year-old to live in the woods with a deformed devil-man?). Jesus talked with Jehrameel, who revealed that they'd spoken before - just before Ann (the wife of Darren, whose body was used to make Jesus, remember) died in her car accident. Jehrameel had also seen Darren die, dragged into Round Lake by a "big guy"...Father Mazda. Further conversations revealed that Jesus had shown Jehrameel something into the woods, something he thought Jesus should see now.

The characters left and went to Linney's house, and roughed up her foster father a bit. Jesus revealed himself as "Darren," and they told him that Linney was going to live with Murray Holbrook and he should just sign the papers and be done with it. Marty Firebranded him and told him, "Now I can find you anywhere."

The characters hooked up with Jehrameel the next day and he took them to a ring of trees near the highway. On the trees were five Pilgrim Marks - Death, Sorrow, Leaving/Travel, Return, Revenge. "How did I know, back then, what was going to happen?" wondered Jesus - for clearly he'd carved these things. The consensus was that if Jesus ever crosses Mazda's path again, he's killing him.

But for now, Linney's living with Holbrook and visiting Jehrameel on a regular basis. The characters are heading for a PO Box in St. Paul where Marty can receive correspondence. He needs a new ID. I have a story cookin' about this trip...
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