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Promethean: the Bound - Session Deux

We started with an Elpis dream for Stoke, the main character it seems of this session.  He dreamed he was driving the suburban down a long road, when suddenly a Confederate flag (he didn't know what it was mind you, just what it looked like) flew in front of the windshield, blocking his view, just as he hit something and a terrible, fiery explosion engulfed him, waking him up.

The Stone Wall Brigade, our new throng of protagonists, made it to Iva within an hour or so, just after dawn (mmm ... yummy pyros).  Just outside of the Iva city limits they made it to Mac's Pawn Shop.  They waited until Mac opened shop, all sleeping as close to their elements as they could.  EmoIsaac used Aura Sight on Mac and noticed a strange vibrance surrounding him.  Mac, using some kind of supernatural "gift" noticed what they were and they cut to the chase.  In the end, what they wanted from him was a fake ID for Simmon, some fake papers for "James" Stoke, a .44 Mag with some ammo, a recurve hunting bow with quiver, a guitar case, and a set of tools.

Mac wasn't looking for money though.  He had heard news of strange happenings in a town called Abbeville, about an hours drive from here.  He was going to call his "mates" but saw these guys and decided to get them to do this favor instead.  Go check it out, deal with it, and if they come back, their papers will be ready.  At this point, Simmon - realizing from all the clues given that Mac was a werewolf - immediately said so, getting a few bad looks.  JC was told he had a different task - for wasting so much of Mac's water outside - and wasn't going to Abbeville (JC's player's uncle came into town, so he was not here tonight.)

Simmon, sleeping in the "Throng-wagon" as he calls it, letting Ford drive.  They reach a new gas station at a four-way stop with a couple cars there, when one smashing into another, sending it into a tailspin and flipping another over, knocking a pick-up off the road, and careening near the gas station.  Ford did his best, and got the throng out of most of the accident, though they all took two bashing for their troubles.  Immediatly, everyone went out, seeing what they could do. 
(I played a dirty trick on this player.  I probably shouldn't have, but I could help it.  He is from Abbeville, so I decide that the ingame version of him would be in the wreck, and mostly cause it.  So much so that it was obviously his car, obviously him inside being all in peril and stuff.  I'm a stinker, I admit.)

Isaac rushed to the upside-down Rodeo that was on fire and leaking fluids towards the gas station.  Paul turned on Swift Feet and dashed over to help, putting out the fire with his trenchcoat, and they both got two aggro-damage and passed their torment checks.  A quick wits+composure let Sam, Ford, and Simmon hear kids in the flipped and very on fire Windstar, probably three of them.  Ford spent his time kicking in the windshield and pulling out the mother, who was driving, then staunching the wound on her arm.  Sam leapt up top, getting ready to pull the door open to get to the kids, with more aggro-damage for everyone and still no Torment.  Stoke ran to check on the guys in the pick-up, who were both completely fine, just having hit a tree, and then dives into the front of the Windstar to get the kids out. (They all noticed the last car, the oldsmobile that had been crushed, but didn't think the guy inside could be alive, so they left it alone.  More on that in a few paragraphs.)

Meanwhile, Simmon, behind the wheel now, turns on Ephemeral flesh and sees six little fire-imp-spirits dancing and hopping around, spreading fire as they went, most noticably one heading to the Windstar, two by the Rodeo, and one on top of Sam.  He also found that Lindwurm - the name of the Dragon-spirit bonded to the Suburban - was sucking up any spirit getting close, hence why no fire in/on the Throng-wagon.  Simmon ran a spirit down, then ran into the gas station, hearing the guy behind the counter call up the police.  Not a few seconds later, Paul comes in carrying Jason, the driver of the rodeo, who had his leg and arm broken.  Paul relucantly gave Simmon his khopesh.

Soon, with EmoIsaac's help, Sam got the kids out of the car (he decided to Strength+Brawl them out, which I deemed a Humanity check, be he succeeded and learned his lesson, letting Isaac Persuade them before Disquiet could hit to go be with their mother.  With that, Simmon killed the last fire-imp-spirit and Paul snatched his khopesh away as they all looked around, trying to figure out if they should wait for the cops to come or leave.  Paul achieved his first milestone, but instead of the warm glow he had felt from the others, it was more like a sickingly sweet granny-smith-apple taste to it, as he achieved the first vice goal of the group: Wrath - Act out of impatience.  They decided - very valiantly - to stick out out, as Ford put it, "Because a real human, well ... a good one anyone, would wait.  Plus, we saved the kids, right?"
I fucking HATE Microsoft Office.  I will not let me open up my excel sheet I have with all the character's milestones on it, or if it does, it won't let me write anything down.  Fucking Microsoft.

With a little touch-and-go, and a ticket for Ford (who luckily was driving), the gang, though terribly burned, were let go and headed to Abbeville.

The throng reached Abbeville and immediately found there was not too much to do, especially at 11 am.  They took in a few of the sights, the oldest South Carolina opera house, the mansion Jeffereson Davis signed the end of the Civil War officially, and Secession Hill, where the South Carolina secession was first agreed upon in mass.  That's right folks, both home and death bed of the Confederacy.

They first entered a SotC (Sons of the Confederacy) store, where they met a racist old woman talking about gang violence on the rise.  Stoke, in true Aurum form, tried to talk to her, and Disquiet immediately hit.  Upset after getting no information they thought was pertinent other than that the gangbangers were all shooting each other instead of the "respectable folks," they left.  After goofing off in a bar to eat - and a dramatic failure by Ford to play some Blues which resulted in two broken strings and a wrath outburst - they eventually all went seperate ways.  Here's were things got a little more complicated.

Paul went to sleep in a near by park as some high schoolers - it was Saturday - played frisbee and had dates.  Isaac began working on the one milestone he had learn from The Scrutiny, write down your Ramble.  Sam read the Wizard of Oz book he was given.  Simmon also went back to sleep in the Suburban.  Ford continued playing, hoping a four-string guitarist would earn some money.  He didn't, as a note, but is considering some Resources merits soon.  Then there's Stoke.  As he slept on the way to Iva/Abbeville, he felt fine, and decided he wanted to learn more.  So he used Color of Man to look like one of the people that little old lady in the store described, then went INTO THE SAME STORE.  Yeah.  It gets better.

The guy working immediately falls under Disquiet, trying to figure out just what the hell this Giant was doing, where black-face and pretending to be someone else.  Stoke then realized what he did and changed the subject ... to asking what a Confederate flag was.  That would be Disquiet round three, now.  Needless to say, Stoke left quickly as the guy started trying to figure out just who this crazy giant in black-face was (gotta love non-scientists falling under Tammuz Disquiet.)

Stoke, now back to normal, depressed that people just don't seem to understand him, and tired of the uselessness of Aurum, immediately decides that if people want him to be a monster, he will be, switching to Stannum.  Then he and Ford hear0gun shots, from a few blocks off.  The two gather everyone else up and they drive over to a shoot-out, just as the sun started to set.

Right next to Secession Hil - which the blue-haired old lady ironically and racistly reminded was in the center of the ghetto - some gangbangers with rifles were shooting at another group.  After a quick round of getting over there and trying to talk to the guys, in vain, and Stoke and Sam being shot up by the rifles (one bullet went through the car, and not in the making-a-hole kinda way), Simmon once more went Ephemeral, and found that the rifles were actual materialized Civil War era spirit-rifles, with a Whip-spirit behind the clearly possessed gangbangers.  Stoke used his new Transmutation Rabid Rage, making all sorts of rats and a possum come out of the sewer grates and start attacking the possesed guys. The possum actually hamstringed one of the guys.

Ford started singing his Orphean Song, putting the rifles and the whip to sleep, and fulfilling a milestone (Quell a possession).  Pulling a quick U-ie and ramming into the spirit, discorporating it (Drive exceptional success in a car with a Dragon for a body will do that), the possessed guys "woke up" and ran off, trying to figure out what the hell happened.  Then Simmon spotted a guy standing on top of Secession Hill, which no one else saw.  As he told them, they heard an eerily whistling of Dixie float along the wind.  Then the Telekinetic Spirit bullets and much Numin started flying. 

After roughly twenty something lethal damage passed all around the throng, Simmon recklessly decided to try to run this guy down, as it worked on the Whip.   And I say wreckless because he pulled off without letting Sam get back in.  Simmon tried to hit the thing, which he found didn't work quite the same as the Whip (and not realizing that the twenty some-odd damage went start through Lindwurm, putting the poor Dragon-spirit in a bad place) and actually ended up with the Ghost inside the vehicle.  Isaac and Paul tried to kill the thing, but the Khopesh missed on its roll vs. Defense, and Isaac's fists just can't cut the mustard here.  Then the Ghost (of the Confederacy) began whistling again.  This was too much for Simmon, who immediately out of fear raced off the Hill.  Luckily, with some willpower and an ungodly amount of successes, he didn't damage the car, swerved out and kicked a door open for Sam to rush in all in one action.  Then they left that scary-ass hill as quickly as possible.

They all felt the need for healing, so Sam took them to a Subconductor, and reached up and grabbed the high electric wire and pulled it down, showing off for the first time virtue Fortitude, as he just held it there for everyone else.  It was a nice little scene, as that player is notoriously bad about roll-playing.  All healed up, the group tried to figure out what to do.

Sam and Ford argued that they had done what Mac asked, find out what as going on, and they should report back.  "Werewolves deal with that kind of shit anyway" was thrown around a good bit after a successful Occult check.  Isaac argued that people might get hurt, which made Stoke huff and refuse to stay.  Simmon looked to Paul, who just wanted to make sure People weren't dying, and then drove off, leaving Paul and Isaac in Abbeville.  We'll see how that turns out, as our group is for the first true time, completely split.
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