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The Bound, Session One

So … wow … first session of Promethean: the Bound was last Friday.  Here is the rundown.

We start with our characters all making their ways to the little South Carolina town of Anderson, to the University within (where just for notes, is where we play.)  Our Unfleshed – “Emo” – couldn’t make it this week, but we made due.  The description our players is down one post.

Ford and Paul were the first to arrive.  As Paul got close to campus, he was able to sense a very strong Azothic radiance, emanating from the campus.  Ford was dropped off, shoeless, in front of the security building as Paul walked up.  Immediately, they noticed each other – as Prometheans are prone to do – and after a short discourse found out they were looking for the same guy, a Professor Reese.  Security was not a lot of help, but pointed them to the building he taught in. 

Our proud muse, noticing Ford’s shoelessness, couldn’t stand it and gave him a pair.  This sparked the first milestone of the game for Ford: “Own a pair of shoes.”  Vindicated by the warm glow deep within them, the two headed to Watkins, easily coercing the room number from a female student.

Slowly, but surely, Simmon and JC – with his Shabti – both came up to the campus, and then the Professor’s room.  It was revealed that this room on campus was his Lair.  Professor Reese himself was seen to be an icy, snow-covered Tammuz, and a big man – Stamina 7.  The new Created all had questions, which Reese kept back peddling through, telling them he would answer everything in a few hours.  Immediately needing something to do until later than night, our Muse suggested the mall.

Upon walking there – to which Simmon greatly protested as being far too slow – the group meets up with Sam Grundy, another Tammuz, staring at a map, who had just gotten off of a bus.  They soon found they were all headed to the same place, and as the Professor asked for some time, Grundy agreed to hang with them.

The mall was a new experience for most, and they all went their separate ways.  Simmon became entranced with a toy car from a toy kiosk; JC went to talk politics with a lady in a shoe store and eventually buy some new shoes; Sam went looking for trouble, but found none; and Paul forced Ford to go buy a shirt.  Simmon was eventually asked to buy something or go leave.  He immediately searched for Paul, who had earlier lied that Simmon had been his brother.  Once Simmon found the Muse and called him brother, he fulfilled another milestone: “Find a brother.”  This is the second milestone Paul helped with and did not actually receive, making him a little bitter.  Soon, it was 9, and everyone was kicked out of the mall and headed back to the campus.

Around this time, Stoke came to the campus, feeling Professor Reese’s azoth easily, and met up with our wandering group outside.  A taxi pulled up with our Unfleshed, and the group of seven came upstairs.  Upon entering Reese’s Lair, they were greated by a taloned Pandoran.  Reese pulled her back, as she was chained up, but it certainly put the fear in all of them.  He hid her in a magically sealed closet, calling her his daughter.

From this point on, Reese explained everything he could, starting with the Measure, into the Ramble – with each character, including Reese, telling their own, then answered any questions they had.  He explained Vitriol, the fact that he followed a different and mysterious Refinement than all the others, and the fact that he was the last of his lineage, a line he believed came from Stonewall Jackson himself.  He taught them how to create a Throng, which they did, naming themselves the Stonewall Brigade, as that is what the little paper they had found and brought them together was written on.  The Parting Gifts were exchanged.  Reese gave something to each of them to help them start his journey: a PDA to JC with many notes hidden in it about Reese’s own Alchemical research; a Suburban his old Throng had used to Simmon; a manuscript of his Ramble to Paul; a copy of The Wizard of Oz to Sam, with a business card for “Ariel’s Full Service Auto” as a bookmark, the phone number on the back; some clothing for Stoke; something secret to Emo; and a guitar to Ford, who immediately begain playing “Full Circle,” Residual Memory kicking in.

As all this happened, the party gave Reese each an item of their own, too: Stoke’s old potatoe sack outfit; Sam’s pocket knife; JC’s old JCPenny’s bag; Ford gave him his old empty wallet; Paul gave him his old Egyptian headress; Emo exchanged his in secret; and Simmon Fire-Touched a flame mark on Reese’s hand.  Vitriol and Azoth flared inside the Professor, who pushed his new dawning down until he could finish helping these, by using his unusual Bestowment, the Scrutiny.

He then ripped open his own rib cage, showing his Azoth as a guiding light, and offered to tell each of them a step on their Pilgrimage.  Paul had to make a meaningful relationship with a non-Throngmate.  Ford was told that he should go to Vegas.  Sam was told he needed to defend people from a monster.  JC was told to take a First-Class flight.  Stoke was told to get a Driver’s License, and Simmon immediately agreed to help with the driving.  Simmon was told he needed to Master the Pilgrim Marks.  Emo was told one of his steps as well.  Then Professor Reese reached the new Dawn … and immediately forgot everything about his Promethean existence.

Quick thinking by Sam got them out of there before Disquiet could do anything.  They went to the Suburban, where Ford mentioned he was tired.  Simmon saw a graveyard a ways up the road and they immediately drove there, with Sam deciding he need to sleep as well.  The other four wanted to find a club to go to. 

First step was IHOP.  Inside, Stoke became overcome with the joy of a group of kids eating some Whocakes, which he ordered three of – and got his first milestone “Get a tummy-ache,” and incidentally, proved Paul with his third helping, as he paid for the Whocakes.  Needless to say, after three terrible azoth roles, the Waitress was mindboggingly curious about this giant of a man eating whocakes and talking like a child.  The group was given directions to a night club in town, and they went on.

At the club, there were some problems getting Simmon, who looks 15, in, until JC used Fixed Gaze to get everyone in.  Entranced by the beer and the people, Stoke immediately bought five beers, downed three, and began dancing with the other two in hand.  Paul went off to find a hottie to dance with, and other stuff.  Needless to say, he was in the backroom for awhile – she was a student at the school campus and invited him to come to the Theatre classes she was going to tomorrow.  JC and Simmon sat at the bar, going over the PDA, figuring out some basics about Reese’s new Refinements: Plumbum, the Refinement of Lead (Prometheanish); Thion, the Refinement of Sulfer (Azoth); Bryne, the Refinement of Halcite (Passion); and Ploutos, the Refinement of Oblivion (the Brink).  They couldn’t get any more information before Stoke made a scene.

Stoke bumped into the waitress, coming after him to see him again – now firmly in the fourth stage of Disquiet.  She lead him to the back of the bar and outside, where she had cops waiting.  Stoke, in a last ditch effort, made the waitress his “Scapegoat,” which passed amazingly well, and ended with the cops taking her off instead.  This set off his second milestone of the night, “Experience mass Disquiet.”

After all the excitement, the group headed back to graveyard, as it was almost Four, and time for Sam and Ford to wake.  Once getting back, they had to decide where to go.  Sam knew a guy in Iva, SC (about an hour away) who could get Simmon a fake ID and Stoke and Ford some fake papers.  Wondering if there were spirits around, Simmon went Ephemeral, and found out a giant spirit of a Dragon was bound to the Suburban!  Once he told everyone this, Stoke began digging a hole to sleep in, which Emo immediately stopped, suggesting that they should just fill the back of the Suburban, so they can sleep in the car, and not stop every four hours for another person to have to sleep.  So, after filling the back with dirt from the graveyard, and Stoke getting to sleep, the Throng headed to Iva.

Whew.  For a little back up, we are generally a DnD group, so this is a huge departure, and it went over remarkably well – except for the guy who plays Sam, as he is trigger happy and slept through the most combat-likely section of the session.  Other than him, though, everyone is in love with the system, including myself.  Look forward to updating this next week with more of the Stonewall Brigade in our Promethean: the Bound game.
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