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Water of Life Update

Last time, the characters were en route to Toledo in order to check out a public pool, which they'd seen in a photo carried by a serial killer that they suspected might have once been a Promethean. On the way, Julia had a dream in which everyone in the world had two left hands.

Turns out they were right about that. They got to the pool, parked, and left Nathan, Jesse and Spence with the cars whilst they went in. They found large amounts of Flux and Pyros near a disused pool (the other two pools were working fine). Marty flashed his EPA cred, and they got near the pool to find lots of slugs. Hank peeled back the cover, and Marty ate one of the slugs...and immediately lost both his teeth and all his current Pyros. The Barmaid they'd met back on the road materialized, and told them that what they were looking for was in the filter.

Julia opened the filter and found a small booklet, wrapped in a plastic garbage bag, addressed to someplace in Detroit (but no name). Inside was the autobiography of Robert, the Promethean-turned-human-turned-serial killer. The qashmal told them that she couldn't let the book fall into the wrong hands, and they went round and round about that before realizing that if everyone's left-handed (literally), there are no "right" hands. But, they did read the book first.

Marty and Jesus also discovered a big snake-looking spirit curled around the pool. Jesus spoke with it, and it was spiteful and abrasive in extremis. It also had eyes made of tin. This led the Prometheans to suspect that it might have been created when Robert reached the New Dawn through the Refinement of Tin. Reading the book confirmed that this was, indeed, what he'd done. He'd grown more spiteful over the years (he'd also been a member of the Botherud), and his last entry before reaching Mortality included the phrase: "I see beautiful people all around, and I will soon be one of them. I also see ugly and undeserving people, and I will try to tolerate them."

After reading the book, Marty fed it to the snake-spirit. It grew bigger. The characters left, heading for Detroit.

En route, they discussed things. Julia, who has been growing steadily angrier since Al reached the New Dawn without saying goodbye, tumbled onto the Refinement of Tin. She spoke with Jesse about her creation and about anger. Jesse was confused by her reference to her "human life" as a model, and Marty and Nathan tried to explain to both Julia and Jesse that one's human body was just dross, material to make what one is now as a Promethean.

Nathan and Marty talked about the group, and Marty expressed his desire to go to the wastes, but worried about what Hank and Julia would do if he did that. Julia called him a self-righteous prick for that, and the two of them argued (again) about Julia's decision to kill Robert.

Hank, meanwhile, was in the other car with Jesus and Spence. They talked about the Refinement of Lead, and Spence opined that it, perhaps, wasn't getting him where he needed to go. Maybe, he said, the Pilgrimage was a matter of finding out what tool you needed in order to reach that final milestone, becoming human. Tumblers in a lock, yeah? And thus, maybe Robert had tried it on the wrong one for him, or maybe he'd done it right and fucked it up as a human.

The group stopped for gas, and Jesse and Julia included Hank in their conversation. Jesse asked Hank to clarify this whole "Julia was once Julia-the-human, but I've never been Jesse-the-Promethean." Hank mentioned Jesse's human-body's name (Sam), and Jesse winced in pain and his disfigurements flared. He walked away, apparently angry and hurt, about the time that the others returned.

They gave Jesse a little time, and Marty taught Nathan to drive. They also discussed going to the wastes, and Marty decided that he and Jesus would go ahead and do that before the trip to Detroit. Nathan was a good moral compass for the throng, anyway.

Julia went to get Jesse, and Jesse told her that thinking about Sam hurt. He hoped Sam had been a good guy, but he was Jesse now, and dwelling on Sam wouldn't help him on his journey. He asked what Julia was hoping to get out of clinging to her human roots, and she admitted she didn't know.

The throng split for a month. Jesus and Marty went to a large quarry outside Toledo to burn off their Torment. The others? Going to Mississippi to look at (if not interact with) Al. Hank thinks this might be good for Julia, since she's obviously upset by what happened there.

Milestones are imminent.

This was the end of a story, but next session is a kind of self-contained dealie before we start "These Mortal Engines" from Saturnine Night.
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