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Water of Life Update

The characters were off to a bar called Meg's, in which they hoped to find Grease, which is the word. No, actually, it's the name of the dude that stole some of Hank's Vitriol last time, and the characters assume that he might be somehow connected to these "Network 0" people that keep filming them.

They got to the bar, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. They wandered in and the patrons, a rather depressed lot, were surprised to see anyone new. Hank chatted with Meg, behind the bar, and she told him that Grease had been in, but only a couple of times. She told him (after he slipped her some money) that he'd come in with a woman, and she'd thrown a business card into the jar on the bar.

Jesus, as it happened, had already noticed that. The card was for a woman named "Anna Frane," and she was a photographer. They took the card and left, and then went to get some sleep, not having anything terribly pressing on the plate.

Next day, Marty and Hank went to the police station so that Marty could paw through the remains of his RV. He retrieved the plates for the Mutus Liber, some clothes, some of Jesus' DVDs, and his rifle. Gone were his vampire skulls and, sadly the Water of Life, though he didn't find any evidence that it had shattered, so it had apparently been stolen. Marty filed his paperwork and got a rental mini-van while the insurance claim goes through for a new RV.

Jesus, Julia, Nathan, Spence and Jesse, meantime, went to the St. Louis library to do some digging on Anna. They discovered that she had published several books of photos, the most recent of which dealt with structures that indigenous Americans had built (mounds, etc.). She was also presumed dead - several years ago, her family's home in Indianapolis had been invaded and her parents and husband had been murdered. Her body was never found.

Marty arrived and sorted through his email, called his employers and convinced them not to fire him for not checking in for, what, almost a month? Then the characters left the city for Indy, leaving behind their semi but taking the pickup and Marty's new minivan.

They arrived in Indy and headed for the address on the card, once Anna's studio. It was now an orofacial clinic, and had obviously been gutted - no leads here. They headed to the house where her family had died and broke in. Marty used Ephemeral Flesh, and discovered her husband's ghost sitting on no chair at no table drinking no coffee.

Marty talked with him a minute and tried to get him to realize he was dead, but then flew through the air (not under his own power). The ghost of Anna's father attacked telekinetically, telling Marty to leave well enough alone. The other characters came in, and the ghost of Anna's mother possessed Julia, who took a stab at Jesus. She missed, though, and Spence grappled her. The fight continued for a few minutes, the poltergeist beating on Marty while the possessing ghost through illusions around, but Jesus spent a bunch of XP and learned Ephemeral Flesh (which, coincidentally, fulfilled a milestone for him - "learn another lineage's Bestowment"). Marty and Jesus grappled the ghosts and Marty got them to calm down.

Turns out that vampires had really killed them, and they weren't sure what had happened to Anna. The father-ghost said that they were waiting for the husband-ghost to snap out of it so they could pass on. Marty offered to help, and they grudgingly allowed him to do so. Between Jesus and Marty, they were able to get him to realize he was dead. At that point, he said he knew where Anna was. Marty told him that he'd like a word, because of a little "misunderstanding" she was having. He told Marty to give him a minute with the in-laws, at which point the other two ghosts passed on. The husband (Mark, BTW), then told Marty that he'd check in with Anna, and memorized Marty's number...and then vanished, as though turning 90 degrees from the world (jumping between anchors, you see).

Not having a further reason to hang around Indy, the characters bedded down for the night. Tomorrow, they'll head for Toledo, to see what's up with the Lucas County Rec Center.
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