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Burning Footsteps

Well, it happened... last night we got to play Promethean for the first time in several months. It was kind of a short session (because the coffee shop where we play closed early) and mostly about getting back into the groove of the game. So here we go, folks...

The session picked up in the early morning of December 1st, 2006. The group was returning to Rudolf's place after their encounter at Magnus Research to recharge the batteries (literally, since they had the modified portable generator there) and regroup. Ander checked the generator to see how well it was holding up given the modifications they had made to increase the output.

The throng's VW Bus, affectionately named the Promethean Machine, was really starting to fall apart (being shot at and being pelted by an unholy hailstorm aren't really good for vehicles, they learned). The group discussed getting a new vehicle, which Steve wasn't happy about as he was the one who had gotten the van in the first place. Rudolf gave Ander a bunch of money from the throng's stash to go out and find a replacement van after they all got a few hours' sleep.

Ander took the other car they had, a car they took from the pimp that made up part of Derek-Hans, and traded it in at a car lot. He haggled with the guy and got a much newer (mid-90's) van that was in pretty good shape while at the same time freaking out because he couldn't remember what was in the car's trunk and so was worried about what the guy might see when he transferred his stuff around to the new vehicle. (It turned out to just be a bunch of tools)

He brings the new van back to Rudolf's place, where they proceed to make it a vehicle worthy of Prometheans by swapping in some parts from the old VW Bus, including the 8-track player, the gearshift, the steering wheel, and some of the seats and such. Also, they remembered to grab the dashboard figure, something that came in the bus... It's the top half of a 'Buddy Christ' figure on the bottom half of one of those 'dancing hula girl' figures, lovingly named 'Composite Jesus.'

So these mods take until about 10am, and the group was satisfied to have a true Frankenvan.

At this point, it was kind of decided that the session would be devoted almost entirely to the van as they took it out and dropped almost the rest of their cash (not counting Rudolf's secret stash consisting of a few thousand dollars) on getting it painted matte black, having nitrous oxide installed, and getting a Toccata and Fugue horn. They did a lot of the work themselves to save money.

They sell the old van for scrap and get a couple hundred bucks out of it, and the Throng takes off for Boston to look for Gino at about 10pm.

About noon the next day, as they're passing through the hills of Virginia, they come across a road that's been freshly blocked by a rockslide. They go back and try to take an alternate route, but that one is also blocked. There's a massive, nasty storm going on all around them. While they're looking to backtrack, they come across a hotel and spot the motorcycle belonging to Father John's creator parked out front. They decide to park and wait out the storm a bit and see if the road can get cleared soon or if they'll have to find another way around.

They stop at the hotel and go into the lounge (which consists of a few tables, chairs, a couch, a couple of vending machines, and a sign that says 'beer available in office'). Steve gets some beer from the teenage girl working the counter while Rudolf goes ahead and gets a room and attempts unsuccessfully to flirt with the girl behind the counter. On the way out, though, he notices something... footprints on the walkway outside, footprints that looked like they'd been burned into the concrete. He followed them towards the lounge.

He caught up with the guy just when he reached the doorway. The guy looked like he was in his mid-twenties, with dark brown kinda-emo hair and a leather jacket, and carrying a cane. The soles of his boots looked like they were on fire. It was obvious the group had now come up on someone they've been waiting to meet since the second session...

"It's about time you guys got here," the man with the burning footsteps said. "We need to have a talk."

Perfectly timed, since that was the point where the coffee shop closed up and we had to go. Seemed like a good 'fade to black' moment.
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