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Water of Life Update

The characters, you'll recall, were outside a trucker/biker bar looking to find a serial killer who'd been murdering lot prostitutes, at the behest of the highway spirit. They walked into the bar...and everything stopped.

Not in the Western-movie way where everyone looks at the strangers. Everything stopped. Beer "froze" pouring into glasses. Cards being tossed at the table stopped in mid-air. The characters, having a bit of a "wtf?" moment, noted a short, humanoid creature with slugs for hair. It offered Jesus a beer, and then proceeded to swipe another dude's beer and chug it.

She told them to stay away from "Bob," the killer in question. She refused to explain why. Hank questioned her and she sucked five points of Pyros away from her. Marty used Confession on her, and she revealed that her "mission" was to stop the characters from messing with Bob. Marty always used Sense Flux, and found that she was pure Flux. But Jesus tried Sense Pyros, and found that she was pure Pyros. Then everything started up again, and she vanished.

Marty, being a bright sort, figured that she was a qashmal, but unlike the one that the characters met back in New Orleans, this one seemed more about Flux than Pyros. They left the area and started looking around, figuring that they could still get Bob locked up (Marty was adamant that they not kill him) without interacting with him. They talked this out with Jesse and Spence, and then Marty and Hank walked down toward the attached junkyard, Marty looking for spirits.

They got to the fence and Marty saw big ol' guard-dog spirits, just as Hank saw the real guard dogs. Marty talked with them a bit, but then heard someone call for help from the junkyard's interior. They called for the others, and Marty activated his Firebranded stake and flew over the fence. Hank electrocuted the dogs with Shock (not fatally) and climbed over. The others weren't far behind.

They moved into the junkyard's interior, Marty still flying. And then something grabbed his leg and jerked him down into the junkyard. Hank came running just in time to see something that looked like an oil slick strewn with broken glass smash Marty across the face. Hank grabbed Marty and tried to pull him away, but no luck - the thing had him.

The others showed up and attacked, but hitting the thing only seemed to make it billow out disgusting black goo. Then a car activated itself and lurched forward, striking Julia (but not badly). The monster receded, the cry for help sounded again, so the characters moved further in...but then the creature attacked again, trying to be sneaky and grab Nathan. The others noticed, and Hank fried it with Divine Lightning. It exploded, covering them with goo, and a car radio somewhere said, "Fuck you!" - apparently, the call for help was a trap.

The characters left the junkyard and Jesus climbed a pole to suck some electricity. Thunder sounded, but it didn't feel right. Jesse, who apparently has some facility for sensing Flux, noted that the Flux was getting worse and he was scared. The storm was growing, but it wasn't a natural storm. Marty decided to Firebrand Bob's truck, but blew a Stealth roll. Someone yelled to Bob, "Hey, someone's fucking with your truck!" and approached Marty (Marty used Suggestion to get rid of him). Bob emerged, saw Marty...and took off.

Marty searched the truck and found soap, but in the cab he found a box of news clippings about the murders on the highways and a photograph of the sign in front of the "Lucas County Recreation Center."

He ran toward the other characters, saw them, and jumped over the fence in an impressive display of athletic prowess. Julia, not pleased that this guy was killing hookers, used Swift Feet to run around the junkyard and lay in wait for him. He noticed her, and kept running. She kept up with him by using Pyros and Willpower, but it was like a monkey fucking a football there for a while - she'd catch him, grab at him, miss, and he'd run. Once she grappled him, but he succeeded on the chance die to get free. He even shot at her while running away (Parkour 5, kids) and hit her, but y'know, she's a Promethean.

She finally caught him and used Fixed Stare to hold him. The others showed up, and Hank immobilized him, but when he heard he'd shot Julia, he fried him with Shock (and lost a dot of Humanity, dropping him to 4). They took his body to the highway and Marty contacted the spirit, who told him to toss the body onto the road. The buzzards immediately appeared and started eating him.

Marty talked to the road-spirit, and learned that Persephone had been keeping tabs on him via small, barely noticeably spirits. He walked back to the truck stop, while Jesus, pissed off at Hank and Julia for being so bloodthirsty, sat and watched the birds. He talked to Hank, and Hank explained that he had chosen to kill Bob because he knew he was damned anyway - he'd known since Stygia that the others were better than he was, so it was better to let him do the murdering work. At about this point, Hank felt his Pyros return, and Jesus sensed some large amount of Pyros fading away. The qashmal, it seemed, had returned to the Principle.

Marty made arrangements with the bartender to unload the stuff in the back of Bob's truck, and then looked over the others and found two little rat-like spirits clinging to Jesse and Spence. He sent them on their way, and the throng discussed their next moves. Jesus used Corpse Tongue on Bob's remains and learned that the Rec Center was where Bob "woke up." Before that he didn't remember anything. He also had been able to recognize the Prometheans for what they were, prompting Hank to speculate that he might have been a Promethean. Marty disputed that, wondering what kind of Promethean would go on to be a serial killer.

The throng decided to get their RV back from Persephone, and then go on to the Lucas County Rec Center. They want to see if any trace remains of "Bob" there.
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