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Promethean: The Playtesting
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Monday, May 12th, 2008
10:38 pm
Problem about updates
Well, it has been a while.  Mostly because of poor attendence.

Two sessions have finished in our Promethean game, and I have come to find a problem: I'm not having any fun.  As the Storyteller, many - a lot of my players included - do not think that this is important, and want to play their game, instead of our game.  With that in mind, I am having to call off my current game to be played later with a smaller, more intimate group who are looking for the same experience I am.

With that said, now I have friday nights open, and I gots to have my roleplaying.  We'll see what happens when everyone gets here Friday and we decide what the new game will be.

So that will be all of MY updates until then, at least here, on that subject.
Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008
4:34 am
Status of "Burning Footsteps"
Just letting folks know that you won't hear anything from me regarding the "Burning Footsteps" chronicle in the near future, as due to scheduling problems we've had to simply put the game on an indefinite hiatus from which it may never return. I'll update you folks if anything changes regarding that.
Sunday, April 20th, 2008
3:08 am
The Bound - Session 3, End of first Story
This was a big session.  I firmly believe that a roleplaying game is defined by the end of the third session.  Once that point happens, characters are pinned down completely, without anymore wavering on certainly personality types.  The Storyteller has found the correct mix of combat events, roleplaying, puzzles, and character interaction for the current group - thank the LORD Almighty, my group is over their DnD-isms, and comabt is going to only happen when it is deserved for story purposes.  It also is the last time that serious rulings can be made, like any attendencing and curbing OOC conversation.  I gave my group homework, to go and read innocent_man's essays on a Beautiful Player.  If you folks haven't read it, go and do so.  It says everything a Storyteller/GM/DM has ever wanted to say to his players.

We were once again missing JC, which threw this entire session for a loop for me.  Then JC's player has the audacity to sit with his girlfriend in the public area we're playing in, even though he told everyone he was going to be heading home.   Arg.  Anyway, on to Session 3, and then end of the introductory arc.

If you might remember from last week, the Stonewall Brigade was split: Paul and Isaac staying behind in Abbeville, SC, thinking it important to stop any possessions that the powerful Spirit might try to pull; Stoke, Simmon, Ford, and Sam all agreeing their job was finished and heading back to Iva, SC, to pick up their papers from Mac.

We started with Sam having an Elpis dream - He was in the swamps and saw a man who was all blue.  The Man pointed to a door in the swamp, which lead to Sam's old home.  Inside, the TV was on, and playing static, until the static showed and sounded out "Simmon."  He immediately awoke as the Lindwurm pulled up to Mac's Pawn Shop around midnight.  There was no one there - more specifically, no Azoth-to-Azoth of JC, but there was an envelope on the door, with a small note and the keys to the shop so they can get what they wanted: Simmon's fake Driver's License and Stoke's fake papers.  They also found a note from JC saying he and Mac had to take care of "something" and that "The Shadow is cool."  Sam left a note about what they had seen in Abbeville.

Simmon, bored, tried to crank up the Suburban, but it wouldn't crank.  Attributing it to a very damaged dragon-spirit, Simmon went to sleep.  As they waited outside, they did eventually - everyone but Sam - feel Azoth call to Azoth, but it was somehow different from JC, coming from down the highway.  The group decided to walk down the highway and meet whoever this other Promethean might be.

In Abbeville, JC and Paul tried to find something to do that night.  They caught up with some folks leaving a local opera, and eventually were invited to come to church in the morning.  They thought it might be a good idea, but what is a Promethean to do while everyone sleeps?  After two rounds of the city proper, Isaac noticed a figure on Secession Hill.  He felt no terror as he approached, so he, with Paul in tow, went to investigate.

Aura Sight immediately showed the being to be a ghost, a depressed one at that.  He eventually, after some very persistant players, showed his face, or lack thereof.  He said he weeps because he is lost.  They realize that he is sitting on the plaque for a buried unknown soldier.  He tried to help, telling them the little he remembers - fighting his brother, "Jackson", the beach of a warm ocean.  It was at this point, after the two Created say they will help the Soldier ghost when a hand bursts forth from his chest, grabbing his face, and ripping the ghost in two, revealling once more the Spirit of Confederacy.  He shot at the two, real slugs this time, with two of them loding themselves into Isaac.

An hour passed as Sam, Ford, and Stoke eventually met the Promethean they had felt, Old Blue, a Riven.  He walked with them back up to the Suburban, offering advice and wisdom, but refusing to speak of his Ramble.  All he said was that he didn't have a throng any longer.  Blue offered to guide the group into the swamps.  More specifically, Ford and Blue connected and started working on a Blues song based on a phrase Ford made in anger, named "Looking for My Soul in a Broken Guitar."

After waking up Simmon, they went off into the swamp, taking a few boats.  The trip was long, and gave Stoke a chance to enter Elpis.  He dreamed of being in a huge empty room, all black.  Then in the center of the room, lights come up on a boxing ring of sorts.  As Stoke approached it, he saw Ford standing in the center of the ring, motioning him to him.  As soon as Stoke got into the ring, though, he fell into a trapdoor and began to be buried alive.  He woke from it, in a dour mood.

Back in Abbeville, it was time for church.  Isaac and Paul went to a little Baptist Church, and got invited to a Bar-b-que afterwards in the park.  Isaac also achieved a milestone: Participate in a religious service.

The group found the home, with Sam of course being the most affected.  They enter and see that while the Wretched that Sam had killed still lying there, his old Mentor was nowhere to be seen.  Old Blue spat on the Wretched, calling him Tom and sawing he deserved what he got.  Simmon, bored, went to watch TV.  Stoke looked for food to eat.  Ford fiddled with his guitar.  Old Blue went outside.  And Sam tried to decide what he should do with Tom's body.  He eventually decided to bury him.  Then a special report came on the TV.

A news report from Savannah, GA, continued the watch for Stephan Sebastian, the Savannah District Attorney's son, missing since last Saturday.  Then a picture got put up of Stephan Sebastian ...

And showed that Stephan is Simmon's body. (Gotta love Fresh Corpse)

Simmon googled the family and found a scrapbook webpage, which just about destroyed the little guy.  Blue at this point came back with some terrible wounds, smashing the television to "recharge."  He said he had found wolf tracks outside, suggesting that Sam's mentor was part of Mac's pack, and they - with JC in tow - had gone to bury their Packmate correctly.  With that, Blue tossed Ford some strings for his guitar, then said he might see them again on the road, and left.  As Sam finished burying Tom, he turned his back on the house, hitting his first milestone: Return to your old home.  Now reaffirmed, he and the rest headed back to the Pawn Shop and to Abbeville to get the rest of the Throng.

At around 12:30, the Throng came back together (mostly ... [insert bitter mumbling]) and everyone wanted to go to the Bar-b-que, except Simmon, who didn't really wanna do anything but drive or sleep, so he chose sleep.  As everyone got together with the humans, the disquiet rolls started setting in badly, trumped completely by the arrival of a little blue-haired racist lady they had met the other day.  After a bit of a tussle ((Storyteller note: since the scene was so big, I separated in into two technical scenes happening simultaneously, to deal with both Stoke's and Paul's level 5 disquiet.)) which involved Stoke being pulled into the back of a pick-up by the deacons who decided they needed to capture him and remove the demons from him - and also resulted in a loss of Humanity as Stoke shot out at the deacons with his .44 - and Paul being tackled by deacon's daughters wanting to jump his bones - and let me tell you, the bashing damage he took to get away from them safely scared the bejeezus out of Paul - and their envious boyfriends and male friends, who all stabbed and threw things at him. 

They all rolled really well against Torment - except for a scare from Paul because of said bashing damage to the genitals - and were saved by some quick thinking of Simmon, Animating Lindwurm the Suburban with all his pyros to get it to catch and save the group, and Stoke, throwing all his disquiet onto the Pastor to be able to escape.

The group traveled back to Iva, afraid that the mob was following them, and a very tense arguement, which lead to a fistfight, between Simmon and Isaac and Ford, as Simmon would not give them to keys to hide the car behind the Pawn Shop.  Stoke and Sam put the Suburban in neutral and pushed it behind the building by the time that any resolution was made.  Paul, in shock, just sat down, unable to think, until he eventually took a run, having a great moment trying to figure out if Ferrum was right for him, or if his Pride was getting the best of him.

The story ended with the group voting on where to go.  After the absurdity of Paul's request to go to Egypt was looked over, the choices were Savannah (to follow up on Stephan Sebastian), Vegas (for Ford's milestone he learned from the Scrutiny), and New York City (to follow up on the strange Verney Publishing Company that seemed to be publishing books with Pilgrim Marks on them).  It was decided in a 3-2 vote, with two abstains, that New York was the destination. 

The last moment was Ford trying to pick out his and Blue's song, and having his first Elpis dream.  In it, he saw a slot machine, that when he pulled it, he saw a little tv screen showing him and the old blue-haired-lady in Abbeville ballroom dancing.
This was all bull, as the Elpis dream failed.

So now they are heading to NYC, a new story on the horizon.  And special for you folks here only, I got some spoilers for the future, and I'm talking REAL spoilers, not fake little ones anyone could figure out.  And I'll give out bonus points is people can figure out my references in the spoilers.  Mwhahahaaha, reader interaction!!!

Sunday, April 13th, 2008
12:15 am
Promethean: the Bound - Session Deux
We started with an Elpis dream for Stoke, the main character it seems of this session.  He dreamed he was driving the suburban down a long road, when suddenly a Confederate flag (he didn't know what it was mind you, just what it looked like) flew in front of the windshield, blocking his view, just as he hit something and a terrible, fiery explosion engulfed him, waking him up.

The Stone Wall Brigade, our new throng of protagonists, made it to Iva within an hour or so, just after dawn (mmm ... yummy pyros).  Just outside of the Iva city limits they made it to Mac's Pawn Shop.  They waited until Mac opened shop, all sleeping as close to their elements as they could.  EmoIsaac used Aura Sight on Mac and noticed a strange vibrance surrounding him.  Mac, using some kind of supernatural "gift" noticed what they were and they cut to the chase.  In the end, what they wanted from him was a fake ID for Simmon, some fake papers for "James" Stoke, a .44 Mag with some ammo, a recurve hunting bow with quiver, a guitar case, and a set of tools.

Mac wasn't looking for money though.  He had heard news of strange happenings in a town called Abbeville, about an hours drive from here.  He was going to call his "mates" but saw these guys and decided to get them to do this favor instead.  Go check it out, deal with it, and if they come back, their papers will be ready.  At this point, Simmon - realizing from all the clues given that Mac was a werewolf - immediately said so, getting a few bad looks.  JC was told he had a different task - for wasting so much of Mac's water outside - and wasn't going to Abbeville (JC's player's uncle came into town, so he was not here tonight.)

Simmon, sleeping in the "Throng-wagon" as he calls it, letting Ford drive.  They reach a new gas station at a four-way stop with a couple cars there, when one smashing into another, sending it into a tailspin and flipping another over, knocking a pick-up off the road, and careening near the gas station.  Ford did his best, and got the throng out of most of the accident, though they all took two bashing for their troubles.  Immediatly, everyone went out, seeing what they could do. 

Isaac rushed to the upside-down Rodeo that was on fire and leaking fluids towards the gas station.  Paul turned on Swift Feet and dashed over to help, putting out the fire with his trenchcoat, and they both got two aggro-damage and passed their torment checks.  A quick wits+composure let Sam, Ford, and Simmon hear kids in the flipped and very on fire Windstar, probably three of them.  Ford spent his time kicking in the windshield and pulling out the mother, who was driving, then staunching the wound on her arm.  Sam leapt up top, getting ready to pull the door open to get to the kids, with more aggro-damage for everyone and still no Torment.  Stoke ran to check on the guys in the pick-up, who were both completely fine, just having hit a tree, and then dives into the front of the Windstar to get the kids out. (They all noticed the last car, the oldsmobile that had been crushed, but didn't think the guy inside could be alive, so they left it alone.  More on that in a few paragraphs.)

Meanwhile, Simmon, behind the wheel now, turns on Ephemeral flesh and sees six little fire-imp-spirits dancing and hopping around, spreading fire as they went, most noticably one heading to the Windstar, two by the Rodeo, and one on top of Sam.  He also found that Lindwurm - the name of the Dragon-spirit bonded to the Suburban - was sucking up any spirit getting close, hence why no fire in/on the Throng-wagon.  Simmon ran a spirit down, then ran into the gas station, hearing the guy behind the counter call up the police.  Not a few seconds later, Paul comes in carrying Jason, the driver of the rodeo, who had his leg and arm broken.  Paul relucantly gave Simmon his khopesh.

Soon, with EmoIsaac's help, Sam got the kids out of the car (he decided to Strength+Brawl them out, which I deemed a Humanity check, be he succeeded and learned his lesson, letting Isaac Persuade them before Disquiet could hit to go be with their mother.  With that, Simmon killed the last fire-imp-spirit and Paul snatched his khopesh away as they all looked around, trying to figure out if they should wait for the cops to come or leave.  Paul achieved his first milestone, but instead of the warm glow he had felt from the others, it was more like a sickingly sweet granny-smith-apple taste to it, as he achieved the first vice goal of the group: Wrath - Act out of impatience.  They decided - very valiantly - to stick out out, as Ford put it, "Because a real human, well ... a good one anyone, would wait.  Plus, we saved the kids, right?"

With a little touch-and-go, and a ticket for Ford (who luckily was driving), the gang, though terribly burned, were let go and headed to Abbeville.

The throng reached Abbeville and immediately found there was not too much to do, especially at 11 am.  They took in a few of the sights, the oldest South Carolina opera house, the mansion Jeffereson Davis signed the end of the Civil War officially, and Secession Hill, where the South Carolina secession was first agreed upon in mass.  That's right folks, both home and death bed of the Confederacy.

They first entered a SotC (Sons of the Confederacy) store, where they met a racist old woman talking about gang violence on the rise.  Stoke, in true Aurum form, tried to talk to her, and Disquiet immediately hit.  Upset after getting no information they thought was pertinent other than that the gangbangers were all shooting each other instead of the "respectable folks," they left.  After goofing off in a bar to eat - and a dramatic failure by Ford to play some Blues which resulted in two broken strings and a wrath outburst - they eventually all went seperate ways.  Here's were things got a little more complicated.

Paul went to sleep in a near by park as some high schoolers - it was Saturday - played frisbee and had dates.  Isaac began working on the one milestone he had learn from The Scrutiny, write down your Ramble.  Sam read the Wizard of Oz book he was given.  Simmon also went back to sleep in the Suburban.  Ford continued playing, hoping a four-string guitarist would earn some money.  He didn't, as a note, but is considering some Resources merits soon.  Then there's Stoke.  As he slept on the way to Iva/Abbeville, he felt fine, and decided he wanted to learn more.  So he used Color of Man to look like one of the people that little old lady in the store described, then went INTO THE SAME STORE.  Yeah.  It gets better.

The guy working immediately falls under Disquiet, trying to figure out just what the hell this Giant was doing, where black-face and pretending to be someone else.  Stoke then realized what he did and changed the subject ... to asking what a Confederate flag was.  That would be Disquiet round three, now.  Needless to say, Stoke left quickly as the guy started trying to figure out just who this crazy giant in black-face was (gotta love non-scientists falling under Tammuz Disquiet.)

Stoke, now back to normal, depressed that people just don't seem to understand him, and tired of the uselessness of Aurum, immediately decides that if people want him to be a monster, he will be, switching to Stannum.  Then he and Ford hear0gun shots, from a few blocks off.  The two gather everyone else up and they drive over to a shoot-out, just as the sun started to set.

Right next to Secession Hil - which the blue-haired old lady ironically and racistly reminded was in the center of the ghetto - some gangbangers with rifles were shooting at another group.  After a quick round of getting over there and trying to talk to the guys, in vain, and Stoke and Sam being shot up by the rifles (one bullet went through the car, and not in the making-a-hole kinda way), Simmon once more went Ephemeral, and found that the rifles were actual materialized Civil War era spirit-rifles, with a Whip-spirit behind the clearly possessed gangbangers.  Stoke used his new Transmutation Rabid Rage, making all sorts of rats and a possum come out of the sewer grates and start attacking the possesed guys. The possum actually hamstringed one of the guys.

Ford started singing his Orphean Song, putting the rifles and the whip to sleep, and fulfilling a milestone (Quell a possession).  Pulling a quick U-ie and ramming into the spirit, discorporating it (Drive exceptional success in a car with a Dragon for a body will do that), the possessed guys "woke up" and ran off, trying to figure out what the hell happened.  Then Simmon spotted a guy standing on top of Secession Hill, which no one else saw.  As he told them, they heard an eerily whistling of Dixie float along the wind.  Then the Telekinetic Spirit bullets and much Numin started flying. 

After roughly twenty something lethal damage passed all around the throng, Simmon recklessly decided to try to run this guy down, as it worked on the Whip.   And I say wreckless because he pulled off without letting Sam get back in.  Simmon tried to hit the thing, which he found didn't work quite the same as the Whip (and not realizing that the twenty some-odd damage went start through Lindwurm, putting the poor Dragon-spirit in a bad place) and actually ended up with the Ghost inside the vehicle.  Isaac and Paul tried to kill the thing, but the Khopesh missed on its roll vs. Defense, and Isaac's fists just can't cut the mustard here.  Then the Ghost (of the Confederacy) began whistling again.  This was too much for Simmon, who immediately out of fear raced off the Hill.  Luckily, with some willpower and an ungodly amount of successes, he didn't damage the car, swerved out and kicked a door open for Sam to rush in all in one action.  Then they left that scary-ass hill as quickly as possible.

They all felt the need for healing, so Sam took them to a Subconductor, and reached up and grabbed the high electric wire and pulled it down, showing off for the first time virtue Fortitude, as he just held it there for everyone else.  It was a nice little scene, as that player is notoriously bad about roll-playing.  All healed up, the group tried to figure out what to do.

Sam and Ford argued that they had done what Mac asked, find out what as going on, and they should report back.  "Werewolves deal with that kind of shit anyway" was thrown around a good bit after a successful Occult check.  Isaac argued that people might get hurt, which made Stoke huff and refuse to stay.  Simmon looked to Paul, who just wanted to make sure People weren't dying, and then drove off, leaving Paul and Isaac in Abbeville.  We'll see how that turns out, as our group is for the first true time, completely split.
Wednesday, April 9th, 2008
3:48 am
The Bound, Session One
So … wow … first session of Promethean: the Bound was last Friday.  Here is the rundown.

We start with our characters all making their ways to the little South Carolina town of Anderson, to the University within (where just for notes, is where we play.)  Our Unfleshed – “Emo” – couldn’t make it this week, but we made due.  The description our players is down one post.

Ford and Paul were the first to arrive.  As Paul got close to campus, he was able to sense a very strong Azothic radiance, emanating from the campus.  Ford was dropped off, shoeless, in front of the security building as Paul walked up.  Immediately, they noticed each other – as Prometheans are prone to do – and after a short discourse found out they were looking for the same guy, a Professor Reese.  Security was not a lot of help, but pointed them to the building he taught in. 

Our proud muse, noticing Ford’s shoelessness, couldn’t stand it and gave him a pair.  This sparked the first milestone of the game for Ford: “Own a pair of shoes.”  Vindicated by the warm glow deep within them, the two headed to Watkins, easily coercing the room number from a female student.

Slowly, but surely, Simmon and JC – with his Shabti – both came up to the campus, and then the Professor’s room.  It was revealed that this room on campus was his Lair.  Professor Reese himself was seen to be an icy, snow-covered Tammuz, and a big man – Stamina 7.  The new Created all had questions, which Reese kept back peddling through, telling them he would answer everything in a few hours.  Immediately needing something to do until later than night, our Muse suggested the mall.

Upon walking there – to which Simmon greatly protested as being far too slow – the group meets up with Sam Grundy, another Tammuz, staring at a map, who had just gotten off of a bus.  They soon found they were all headed to the same place, and as the Professor asked for some time, Grundy agreed to hang with them.

The mall was a new experience for most, and they all went their separate ways.  Simmon became entranced with a toy car from a toy kiosk; JC went to talk politics with a lady in a shoe store and eventually buy some new shoes; Sam went looking for trouble, but found none; and Paul forced Ford to go buy a shirt.  Simmon was eventually asked to buy something or go leave.  He immediately searched for Paul, who had earlier lied that Simmon had been his brother.  Once Simmon found the Muse and called him brother, he fulfilled another milestone: “Find a brother.”  This is the second milestone Paul helped with and did not actually receive, making him a little bitter.  Soon, it was 9, and everyone was kicked out of the mall and headed back to the campus.

Around this time, Stoke came to the campus, feeling Professor Reese’s azoth easily, and met up with our wandering group outside.  A taxi pulled up with our Unfleshed, and the group of seven came upstairs.  Upon entering Reese’s Lair, they were greated by a taloned Pandoran.  Reese pulled her back, as she was chained up, but it certainly put the fear in all of them.  He hid her in a magically sealed closet, calling her his daughter.

From this point on, Reese explained everything he could, starting with the Measure, into the Ramble – with each character, including Reese, telling their own, then answered any questions they had.  He explained Vitriol, the fact that he followed a different and mysterious Refinement than all the others, and the fact that he was the last of his lineage, a line he believed came from Stonewall Jackson himself.  He taught them how to create a Throng, which they did, naming themselves the Stonewall Brigade, as that is what the little paper they had found and brought them together was written on.  The Parting Gifts were exchanged.  Reese gave something to each of them to help them start his journey: a PDA to JC with many notes hidden in it about Reese’s own Alchemical research; a Suburban his old Throng had used to Simmon; a manuscript of his Ramble to Paul; a copy of The Wizard of Oz to Sam, with a business card for “Ariel’s Full Service Auto” as a bookmark, the phone number on the back; some clothing for Stoke; something secret to Emo; and a guitar to Ford, who immediately begain playing “Full Circle,” Residual Memory kicking in.

As all this happened, the party gave Reese each an item of their own, too: Stoke’s old potatoe sack outfit; Sam’s pocket knife; JC’s old JCPenny’s bag; Ford gave him his old empty wallet; Paul gave him his old Egyptian headress; Emo exchanged his in secret; and Simmon Fire-Touched a flame mark on Reese’s hand.  Vitriol and Azoth flared inside the Professor, who pushed his new dawning down until he could finish helping these, by using his unusual Bestowment, the Scrutiny.

He then ripped open his own rib cage, showing his Azoth as a guiding light, and offered to tell each of them a step on their Pilgrimage.  Paul had to make a meaningful relationship with a non-Throngmate.  Ford was told that he should go to Vegas.  Sam was told he needed to defend people from a monster.  JC was told to take a First-Class flight.  Stoke was told to get a Driver’s License, and Simmon immediately agreed to help with the driving.  Simmon was told he needed to Master the Pilgrim Marks.  Emo was told one of his steps as well.  Then Professor Reese reached the new Dawn … and immediately forgot everything about his Promethean existence.

Quick thinking by Sam got them out of there before Disquiet could do anything.  They went to the Suburban, where Ford mentioned he was tired.  Simmon saw a graveyard a ways up the road and they immediately drove there, with Sam deciding he need to sleep as well.  The other four wanted to find a club to go to. 

First step was IHOP.  Inside, Stoke became overcome with the joy of a group of kids eating some Whocakes, which he ordered three of – and got his first milestone “Get a tummy-ache,” and incidentally, proved Paul with his third helping, as he paid for the Whocakes.  Needless to say, after three terrible azoth roles, the Waitress was mindboggingly curious about this giant of a man eating whocakes and talking like a child.  The group was given directions to a night club in town, and they went on.

At the club, there were some problems getting Simmon, who looks 15, in, until JC used Fixed Gaze to get everyone in.  Entranced by the beer and the people, Stoke immediately bought five beers, downed three, and began dancing with the other two in hand.  Paul went off to find a hottie to dance with, and other stuff.  Needless to say, he was in the backroom for awhile – she was a student at the school campus and invited him to come to the Theatre classes she was going to tomorrow.  JC and Simmon sat at the bar, going over the PDA, figuring out some basics about Reese’s new Refinements: Plumbum, the Refinement of Lead (Prometheanish); Thion, the Refinement of Sulfer (Azoth); Bryne, the Refinement of Halcite (Passion); and Ploutos, the Refinement of Oblivion (the Brink).  They couldn’t get any more information before Stoke made a scene.

Stoke bumped into the waitress, coming after him to see him again – now firmly in the fourth stage of Disquiet.  She lead him to the back of the bar and outside, where she had cops waiting.  Stoke, in a last ditch effort, made the waitress his “Scapegoat,” which passed amazingly well, and ended with the cops taking her off instead.  This set off his second milestone of the night, “Experience mass Disquiet.”

After all the excitement, the group headed back to graveyard, as it was almost Four, and time for Sam and Ford to wake.  Once getting back, they had to decide where to go.  Sam knew a guy in Iva, SC (about an hour away) who could get Simmon a fake ID and Stoke and Ford some fake papers.  Wondering if there were spirits around, Simmon went Ephemeral, and found out a giant spirit of a Dragon was bound to the Suburban!  Once he told everyone this, Stoke began digging a hole to sleep in, which Emo immediately stopped, suggesting that they should just fill the back of the Suburban, so they can sleep in the car, and not stop every four hours for another person to have to sleep.  So, after filling the back with dirt from the graveyard, and Stoke getting to sleep, the Throng headed to Iva.

Whew.  For a little back up, we are generally a DnD group, so this is a huge departure, and it went over remarkably well – except for the guy who plays Sam, as he is trigger happy and slept through the most combat-likely section of the session.  Other than him, though, everyone is in love with the system, including myself.  Look forward to updating this next week with more of the Stonewall Brigade in our Promethean: the Bound game.
1:44 am
Promethean: the Bound
I've loved reading Water of Life, and since it is over, and just in time for my own game to start (which was last Friday), I figured I would post my own Promethean that started last Friday on here, to continue to entertain the Promethean masses.

Here is a rundown of the characters.

 -  Paul, a Muse following Ferrum.  He was created two thousand years ago in Ancient Egypt, immediately falling asleep after waking from the slab and turning into a statue much like his lines progenitor started, supposedly.  He slept for that entire time, his statue body - that of an Egyptian Palbearer - was sent to museum to museum, causing no disquiet but eventually be shipping somewhere else because of Wasteland.  About a month ago, though, he awoke again in Washington DC, lying in the shipping crate they had sent him in.  His azoth flared and filled a stone khopesh in another box.  Grabbing this, Paul turn and noticed a piece of paper nailed to the front of his shipping box.  It was a page on an essay about Stonewall Jackson, and was letterheaded to:
"The Desk of Professor Reese
c/o Anderson University
316 Boulevard
Anderson SC, 29621"
Paul is now traveling that way, sleeping in malls along the way as a marble mannequin.

 - Stoke, a Golem following Aurum.  He woke up a few weeks ago, naked and buried in an old rice patty behind a large Charleston SC plantation.  As he stood, covered in only mud and rice, the owner of the plantation came running out.  Miraculously, he did fall to disquiet, or at least swallowed it down seeing the Golem in need.  He and his wife took in the Golem, trying to give him a shower and clothes and food.  In his southern drawl, the man laughed at the Tammuz's silence, saying "You sure are a stoic fella, ain'tcha?"  The Golem took that word "stoic," as a moniker.  The next morning, a letter arrived for Stoke, with another page of the essay on the same letterhead.  Needless to say, Stoke headed to Anderson University.

 - Sam Grundy, a Golem following Ferrum.  He pulled himself out of the swamps of South Carolina and found a freezer-bag.  Inside it was a Bible, a Swamp Thing comic book, and a note, saying "I'm sorry I did this, but you wanted it."  Sam wandered the swamps until he met a blind Vietnam veteran (who just happened to be a Werewolf) that brought the wandering Golem to his home.  The two lived there as friends and brothers for three years.  Sam created for himself his name from Samson and the supervillian Solomon Grundy, one to remind him to be strong in his search for humanity, and the other to remind him that he could always end up a monster in the swamp.  But the nice life was not meant for a Promethean.  One night, a Wretched, reeling from Torment, came banging on the Vet's door.  The Wretched murdered the blind werewolf, and enraged Grundy, who killed the torment driven promethean.  Having nothing left, Grundy found a piece of the same essay as the previous throngmates-to-be, sending him to AU.

 - JC, an Osirian following Mercurius.  He woke up in NYC, a bum in a water-filled dumpster near 5th Ave.  He was wearing a JCPenny bag as a shirt, and could see the JCPenny across the street from where he awoke.  The pawn shop next  door had MSNBC covering the presidential debates, which immediately drew JC's attention.  After a few weeks, JC had a firm grasp on English, as well as a firm grasp on his own political beliefs.  But first he needed to be a productive member of society.  He crossed the streets to JCPenny, and asked for a job.  He was laughed out of the store.  On his way back, taped to the pawn shops front window was a $100 and another piece of the mysterious Civil War essay.  JC immediately bought some respectable looking clothing and headed to Anderson, SC.

 - Simmon, an Ulgan following Mercurius (pronouced like Simon).  Simmon is very young, made from a fifteen year old.  He awoke in the bedroom of a haunted house in Savannah, Georgia as the last tour group of the day passed through.  He took the backpack that was with him, believeing it to be his, and put on the aviator/snowboarding goggles that lay beside him, reading "Simmons" as a possessive of his, meaning that those must be his, and he must be "Simmon."  As he easily snuck into the last tour group, one of them dropped another of the mysterious essay pages.  With nothing else left to help him, Simmon donned his goggles and headed to South Carolina.

 - Ford, an Ulgan following Cuprum.  Ford is literally only a day old, having woken "on the slab" in the swamps outside of Anderson.  He was wet and covered in muck, having nothing on him but a large coat and a pair of pants, both soaked with Swamp water.  He found a wallet in the coat's pocket, but it had nothing in it but another of the essay pages.  As he left the swamp, a guy in a pick-up offered him a ride.  When asked his name, Ford leaned back and chose the only word he could see at the time, "Ford."

 - Emotitron 1.76b, an Unfleshed following Cuprum.  Made by a lonely engineer who had very terrible luck with women, Emo was the perfect companion.  He was physically capable of doing everything his energetic creator liked, such as sports, karate, and working out.  But more importantly, he could read people and their emotions amazingly well, helping his creator whenever he needed a psychiatrist's opinion.  Emo isn't quite sure when the Divine Fire filled his being, but he knew that as soon as it happened, his creator freaked out and ran, leaving Emo behind in his creator's home.  Emo found some clothing he liked, put it on, and waited for a few days, reading a few books his master kept.  While reading in a greek mythology book, he came to the story of Prometheus and the Divine Fire.  It was here he found the last page of the Stonewall Essay as a bookmark.  It being his only clue, and somehow linked to the Divine Fire coursing through him and the Fire mentioned in the myth, Emo headed to Anderson, SC.

Through the magic of storytelling, all the characters will reach the school at roughly the same time.  I'll keep everything updated Saturdays, if I can help it, as we will be playing Fridays.  Hope who ever out there enjoys reading this.
Friday, April 4th, 2008
4:15 pm
Water of Life Conclusion
The characters were following Cancer Boy down into the salt mines beneath Detroit. They took a minute to lick some of the car batteries in the deserted mining equipment depot (remember, the power's out in Detroit), and then descended on the freight elevator. Cancer Boy (and then Spence) used the Jolt Transmutation to power it, and the characters, dragging the half-formed creatures, walked through the immense salty tunnels to find the "God Machine."

En route, they saw trucks, drills, camps from previous workers, and heard Cancer Boy quoting the Bible and talking about how this place used to be a sea. Marty peeked into the spirit world and saw those horrible locust things wall-to-wall...this was the hive. He shut off his Ephemeral Flesh. "Fuck that," he said.

Eventually, the characters came to a pit with a rung ladder leading down. They carried the half-formed down the ladder (except for Marty, who flew), and there found that the walls were painted with the ourobourous. In the floor, however, was another hole, something that the mining company had apparently uncovered. Huge gears, and multiple smaller gears below them, all made of some shining, golden metal. The God Machine.

Cancer Boy told them that the gears needed to be oiled, and they threw the half-formed creatures into the works. The wheels started turned, grinding the creatures to pulp, and then spinning faster. The hole started glowing with white light, and Jesus sensed Pyros - it was like looking into the ocean and checking for water. There was a burst of light, and then the Hand of the Principle stood before them.

Marty, recognizing a qashmal, sensed Flux to make sure this thing was like the Barmaid (that is, Lilithim). It wasn't, but it wasn't that it didn't contain Flux, but more that it was completely inscrutable. A new type of qashmal, one that Marty hadn't seen. In response to their questions, it told them that it was going to destroy the city in the Divine Fire, that the fire would make people sick, and finally, yes, that the fire in question was radiation.

Most of the characters were ready to accept this as inevitable, but Jesse asked if anything could be done to stop it. The Hand replied that "Azoth calls to Azoth," and stepped aside, indicating the spinning gears.

Marty, hovering above holding onto his stake, let go, dropping into the gears. He felt searing pain, worse than anything he'd felt, as the machinery shredded him, and then he was gone.

But the gears kept turning.

The Hand told them that one more sacrifice was needed. Jesse tensed himself to leap in, but Hank, enraged that his friend had sacrificed himself for Cancer Boy's insane desires, lunged forward and knocked Cancer Boy in, headfirst (he beat me on the Stealth roll, so the poor Zeky had no chance to react). The gears chewed him to pieces, and then stopped. The Hand vanished, its Mission complete.

Marty, meanwhile, "woke up" surrounded by white light. A voice asked what he wanted, and Marty replied, "To become human, so I can make my own mistakes instead of suffering for other people's." The voice (the Principle?) offered him the chance to stay here and joined the Divine Fire, but he wanted to go back. The voice told him that in order to become human, he needed to strip off his armor and become vulnerable. Marty admitted that he strove to remain in control, to avoid vulnerability.

Back in the tunnel, the characters were talking about how to prevent anyone else from coming down here and restarting the machine, when Marty crawled out of the hole. Spence noted that he'd seen dynamite up in the tunnel, and with Marty's help laced the area with explosives and blew it to hell. The Prometheans left as the power came back on in Detroit.

They drove back to the RV, and met Carla Two. She said that she'd found a book in Cancer Boy's lair that described the formation of the Botherud, how their original philosophies didn't talk so much about Pyros as a finite energy, but as something that needed to remain in balance lest it stagnate and turn to Flux. She said that she needed to leave, to continue her journey. Spence gave her his truck, but as she walked toward it, he turned to Hank with something like longing on his face. Hank, recognizing this, let him go, and in so doing fulfilled his last milestone. Jesse, too, left the throng and joined Spence and Carla, and away they rode into the night.

The four remaining Prometheans went to sleep, and three of them (all but Nathan) dreamed of Elpis.

Jesus dreamed he was walking through a cemetery and saw people laying wreaths on graves, but some graves went unnoticed, and the names were washed out by the rain. All that rain had to go somewhere, he thought.

Marty saw himself lying on a medical table, and willed the straps to tighten and the IV to withdraw Vitriol. Rusty Nail stood there dressed as a doctor, saying how much the recipient needed this donation. The bad started to overfill and straps to crush him, but Marty stopped it, and got up unscathed.

And Hank, in his first Elpis dream, saw himself at the bottom of the deep hole in which he become a Promethean. His body was broken and bloodied, and he realized he hadn't made it easy on himself, but he could crawl up that path to the sunlight if he wanted to.

Waking, Hank knew what he had to do. He wrote out his entire Ramble in a few notebooks, and then woke the others. He told him it was time, and he was going to try to remember what he'd been after the New Dawn. He walked out, and the player threw the dice...success. Hank was now a man. The Azoth roll to remember got a few modifiers, not least because of Thwarting the Waters of Lethe, and that succeeded, too. Hank remembered his Pilgrimage, the first character to do that. He turned around and went back to the RV to talk to the throng.

Marty, meanwhile, had burned all of his Pyros, Reagant and Willpower upon waking, trying to make himself as empty as possible in order to achieve vulnerability. So when Hank came back, Marty realized that, as a man, Hank would eventually succumb to Disquiet. At this, Marty wept, and in so doing fulfilled his last milestone - emotionally connect with a human. He immediately achieved the New Dawn, but did not remember his past.

He looked around at the three people in his RV, and asked, confused, if he'd given them a ride. "Yeah, you did. Thanks, man," said Nathan, and he and Jesus left.

"You kidding? Been riding with you for months," said Hank. "Oh, yeah," said Marty. The phone rang, and the EPA called Marty back to DC for a policies seminar.

Jesus and Nathan, meanwhile, walked to the Oculus Bookstore so that Jesus could talk to the cat-that-isn't-a-cat. It told him that it knew what he needed to do, but telling him was against "the rules" and if he told him, it was Jesus who assumed responsibility for that rules breach. Jesus agreed, and the cat told him that his creation had to be someone that no one would miss. Jesus thanked the cat, and he and Nathan left the city.

"Where do you want to go?" he asked Nathan. "Cleveland," he said. "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."

And together, they started walking.

Friday, March 28th, 2008
12:42 am
Water of Life Update
The characters, you'll recall, were searching a factory that seemed to contain the mysterious pale beasties. They'd killed three of them, and then were heading upstairs.

There, they found the lab. It was pretty trashed, but in a Plexiglass cylinder they saw a lot of bloody fluid, forming tissue as an electric current ran through it. As they watched, a face formed and floated to the top, attaching itself to the body and moaning in pain.

Phoenix tasted the stuff, and yup, it was flavored like Hank. Hank looked around the place and found some crumpled notes from Moses Moon, and a notebook detailing the death of someone called "Shaun" and the writer's attempts to clone him. Marty found some non-smashed up scientific equipment, which he gleefully took. Phoenix noted alchemical symbols on the walls, including a repeated one for "Vitriol." Jesus noticed hideous octopus-like spirits on the tank, but at about that point, Hank got to the bit in the notebook where the writer bought a mysterious substance that allowed him to complete his work. He got a little pissed, and knocked down the wall of car batteries powering this thing, and the spirits slouched away. Phoenix also noted the letters "DDD" written on the wall.

Through some alchemical magic, they managed to distill Hank's Vitriol back again, and he re-absorbed it (if you forgot, he lost it here). Marty also determined that, when operational, this tank would churn out one of these things every eight hours, but they didn't know how long it had been active. They destroyed the tank and dumped the stuff. About then, the Prometheans felt Azoth call to Azoth. But the Radiance was different than they'd felt before, it was prickly and painful. They figured that whoever it was, it would find them, so they hunkered down to wait.

Phoenix, during this, took Jesse aside and told him that she was leaving soon. She was finished with her Pilgrimage, she said, and wanted to move on, but didn't want him to be bitter as she had when Al had left. They made plans together for her to have some kind of life - she was planning to go to the bar where Al was working, because there at least she'd be safe for a while.

The characters decided to head out and track down this other Promethean. They tracked it using Sense Pyros, and eventually wandered into Highland Park. They found a Wasteland unlike any they'd seen. People looked sick, trees were gnarled and animals had tumors. Worse, there were markings on concrete that looked roughly like human shadows. A Promethean stepped in front of their car, muscular and pale, with a huge cancerous tumor on his back. He called himself "Cancer Boy," and invited them up to his lair to talk.

Cancer Boy's story was both literally and figuratively a Ramble. He told him about his creation in the Fermi II plant, and how he'd been a servant of God (he wasn't unspecific as to which one) ever since. But now that the throng was here, he was expecting great things - God was going to raise Detroit up, allow it to die and be reborn.

The characters were skeptical and wary. Marty asked if he thought he could survive the New Dawn, but Cancer Boy said it was a risk he was willing to take. Cancer Boy also had two of those clone-things in his house, chained to the wall and docile (they make good pets, evidently). They talked about Detroit and its possible future, and when "DDD" was mentioned, he gave them a badge from Detroit Hospital - Dr. David Dunleavy. He'd found it in the lab from whence the characters had just come. He asked the characters to leave, saying that he had to rest.

The throng went to have some dinner, and Phoenix talked through her plan. They drove her to the bus station, and she bought a ticket to Missouri, and wrote herself a letter. She called Muriel and explained what was happening, and hugged her friends goodbye. Marty gave her all the cash he had on hand, and the throng discussed adding Jesse and Spence to the alchemical pact (and did so). And then Phoenix sat down and waited. When her bus was called, she boarded it, handing her ticket over and becoming human.

The characters watched from a distance. Jesus and Marty saw through Ephemeral Flesh as the Seraph flew from Phoenix, and stopped in front of Marty. It asked if he wanted to see, and he said he did. It touched him, and he gained a dot in Elpis.

That night, the characters dreamed. Jesus dreamed of Dr. Dunleavy, sitting outside his wife's house, watching her, holding a gun. Jesus, in the dream, tapped on the window and asked who lived there. Dunleavy replied, "I do."

Marty dreamed of sitting with Phoenix on the bus. She was made of gold. He asked if she was all right, and she replied that she didn't know where she'd been, but that she knew where she was going. She touched his hand and it started to turn gold, but Marty pulled back, not feeling ready for that yet.

Jesse dreamed, too, but that dream's coming later when I've figured his Pilgrimage out a bit more (Phoenix's player has taken on his role).

In the morning, the characters went and bought a laptop, and looked up Dr. Dunleavy. They found that his son Shaun had died in a car wreck - Dunleavy was driving drunk. They found his address, and were about to leave when the power went out. They walked outside, and noted that it was out as far as they could see. They drove slowly to Highland Park, where Cancer Boy proudly claimed responsibility for this blackout. He was paving the way for God to arrive, he said, but he needed Dr. Dunleavy brought to him. They characters pressed, of course, and he said that he'd discovered the "God Machine," but needed Dunleavy to activate it. The characters were headed to find him anyway, so they agreed to bring him to Cancer Boy.

They drove to Dunleavy's house, a rather nerve-wracking drive, since the power was out in the city. They arrived and snuck around back, to find Dunleavy pointing a gun at his bound and gagged wife. Marty distracted him and used Fixed Stare, and Jesus disarmed him. They knocked him out and freed his wife, and then absconded with the doctor.

Back at his lair, Cancer Boy demanded to know all about how Dunleavy created his clones. Dunleavy explained it, but once Cancer Boy learned that there were probably still a dozen in the city, he dismissed Dunleavy into the characters' hands. They asked where he'd gotten the Vitriol, and he said he'd bought it from three men with French accents. He handed Jesus a card from Gannon Biomimetics. Hank asked the doctor if he'd done all this to correct the mistake he'd made - killing his son - and the doctor attacked him (this fulfilled Hank's milestone that he learned about back here). They debated killing him, but Marty finally used Suggestion to force him to go to the Oculus Bookstore and confess to killing Moses Moon (see below).

At this point, Cancer Boy said that to activate the God Machine, he needed three more of the clones. They were attracted to Azoth, so they should show up naturally if the characters hung around. He shooed them out of his lair so he could prepare, and the characters walked outside to find the residents building a bonfire and making hot dogs.

Marty asked for one, but realized he had nothing to offer in return. As it happened, though, asking for a handout was a milestone for him, and he realized that he was very much at people's mercy in the darkened city. They ate and listened to folks talk. Marty noticed movement in an alley, and before long they had found and captured a clone and delivered it to Cancer Boy, who chained it up with the others.

Nathan and Jesus wandered away, and Jesus saw something move on a nearby rooftop. He walked over to watch Nathan's back, and a parked car jumped out and slammed into him. He made a milestone here, too - suffering an injury to protect Nathan. He scaled the wall and did battle with the creature, a Pandorn decked out in watches. It charged him and pushed them both over the side, but on the ground, Nathan and Jesus beat it up until it ran off.

The others joined them, and Jesus noticed the Pandoran shove a clone off a roof. Marty caught it and got bit up for his trouble, but they paralyzed it and delivered it to Cancer Boy. Cancer Boy told them that the Pandoran called itself the "Timekeeper," and that there had been two of them them, an Ulgan's failed attempt at creating a Promethean. The other one had left the city, but he wasn't sure what happened to it.

Finally, they Firebranded a bit of meat and used it to attract a third one. Now with five clones in tow, they loaded up the truck and headed for this mysterious God Machine.
Friday, March 21st, 2008
8:53 pm
Water of Life Update
Last time, the throng was about to ascend a building and look into this locus thingie, in an attempt to find a pack of werewolves that might know something about Moses Moon's death. Phoenix, having just arrived with Jesse, climbed the wall in seconds, while Marty just flew up (the others started climbing, more slowly). At the top, Marty and Phoenix heard a rumbling sound, like a chainsaw...and then the chainsaw-spirit attacked.

Marty flew up again and shot at it, while Phoenix used her knife The spirit responded by setting them both on fire. Julia jumped off the building (4 dots in Parkour make this a not-dangerous thing) and rolled around to put it out. Marty tried and failed, and got pretty scorched. Hank and Jesus made it to the top, grappled the spirit, and at Marty's suggestion, threw it off the roof. It vanished, and the Prometheans started looking around.

Presently, a werewolf emerged from a hidden door in the roof and questioned them. Through conversation, they learned that the werewolves had looked into Moon's death a little, but hadn't noted anything supernatural about it. He also mentioned ongoing problems with "Tzumuufin" (Ivory Claws), and that looking into other stuff had been difficult because of it. He did say, though, that there had been a strange smell near Moon's death site - it reminded him of salt and grease.

The characters decided that Glaser Mining bore more investigation, went out to their offices. One lone security guard at a gate, but they snuck by him and Marty used his new Imaginal Friend Transmutation to make his can of spraypaint fly around and take out the cameras. They crept over to the door and were working on breaking in, and then Marty and Phoenix decided to go try and get the code from the guard. But as they approached, something attacked the guardhouse - two pale, hairless humanoid creatures ran down the guard and started biting on him. The throng attacked and killed them, and noted that they seemed to deflate when they died. They bagged the gruesome remains and called the cops to deal with the critically injured guard, and then left the property, figuring to return later when the activity had died down a bit.

Jesus used Sense Pyros on the remains, and due to his Rarefied Senses, detected something that felt like Hank's void-like humour. Phoenix tasted both Hank's humour and the stuff (and in the process earned Marty's respect and thus that of the throng, fulfilling an important milestone), and realized that it did, indeed, taste like Hank in some way. Hank, infuriated, guessed that this might go back to when he'd been robbed of his Vitriol, but Marty suspected that the cave-in might have allowed Glaser to find some piece of Hank and thus enable them to create a race of slaves. Either way, they decided to bring the remains to Carla Two for more study.

As they approached Dragoon Court, they saw a riot in progress. Her Disquiet had finally reached the torch-and-pitchforks stage, evidently. As Marty and Phoenix used various powers to turn the crowed against itself, Hank and Jesus climbed the rotting fire escape and discovered that Carla had trapped one of the pale things beneath her fridge. They agreed to take her away to safety and crushed the monster, and then escaped via the fire stairs.

They shared information and decided to sleep on it, and see what Elpis revealed. Jesus used Many Hands to merge the dreams of Phoenix, Jesse, himself and Carla. They dreamed that they were working in the slaughterhouse again, but assembling bodies with a gun filled with a cold liquid. The building was a huge factory with tall smokestacks, and it smelled of grease and blood (but not salt). The machinery was marked with "DDD." During the dream, Phoenix saw everything stop dead, and a foreman walked up and handed her a pink slip. He said, "Whenever you want to leave, you consider yourself dismissed."

Waking, they discussed the dream. Phoenix seemed to feel (and Carla agreed) that the dream indicated that she was ready to move on to the New Dawn, but she didn't actually feel ready. The characters looked in the phone book for companies with DDD initials, but didn't find anything promising. They headed downtown for a bird's-eye view of the city, and saw Milwaukee Junction and Zug Island as two places with huge smokestacks. After some library research, they found a picture in Milwaukee Junction of a factory called "Body Factory #22." That seemed a good start, so they headed there.

Milwaukee Junction is a kind of man-made wasteland. Inside the factory, they found the remains of a lot of dead homeless, and were subsequently attacked by three more of those things. They killed them handily, and pressed on into the darkened, filthy factory.

Next week, we'll see where those things are made. The results may surprise you. Unless you're weaver42.
Friday, March 14th, 2008
5:25 pm
Water of Life Update
No JuliaPhoenix tonight, as hot493 was in Vegas.

Marty spent the week clubbing, gambling and generally being around people. He hooked up with Jesus, Hank, Nathan and Spence (Phoenix and Jesse were off jumping off buildings), and they decided to go try and find these "Brightmoor Devil" people. Following the advice of the mage they met last session, they headed out to Waterworks Park. There, they looked around and found a splash of blood against a tree, as though something had been stabbed through a person into the trunk. Marty looked across into the Shadow, and found a blighted wasteland. Huge (man-sized) insect-like things were chewing on the tree spirits. Marty shut off his power hurriedly, and the throng left for the actual Brightmoor neighborhood.

There, as they were driving down Woodland in their brand new RV (that Marty had picked up with the insurance check from the first one), Marty saw an immense spider-like spider jumping at the RV. It landed with no impact (spirit and all), but Marty got out of the car and saw a man chasing it. He called to the man and asked if he was "chasing that thing." The man stopped to talk with Marty, indicating that the chase could wait.

The man was a werewolf, part of the Brightmoor Devils pack. The pack talked with the throng, and indicated that they were at war with another (unnamed) pack, that they referred to as Tzumuufin that wanted to make slaves out of people. They also said that they didn't know Moses Moon outside of reputation, but that a pack of "Bone Shadows" who claimed territory down near the Oculus Bookstore did. That area, they said, played host to a lot of supernatural beings, and they just wanted to defend their turf up here in Brightmoor. The pack leader mentioned the Woodland Avenue was known as the "Hunting Path" in Detroit, and other packs used it to chase down powerful spirits.

On their way out, the throng passed a cell phone retailer. Every phone in the place started ringing, and so Jesus answered. It was Carla Two, of all people. She told them that she was in town, and that Detroit was where "it happens." She gave them directions to her place. The throng decided that even if she was a Centimanus (which they'd wondered about after Pandorans had attacked them in Chicago right after she left), they could take her. They trooped out to a housing project called Dragoon Court.

The place was a wasteland, literally and figuratively. Burned out neighborhood, crackheads, the whole bit. And then they felt her Azoth, much more powerful than before. They walked toward the building a man approached them, ranting about how the system destroyed his neighborhood and how people couldn't find jobs. Marty gave him a twenty and told him to go eat. Hank pointed out that he probably wouldn't buy food, but Marty felt that maybe it would feel good for him either way. The throng had to move someone out of the way of the door (obviously infected with Disquiet), but made it upstairs to Carla's place.

There, they found that she was perhaps a little nuts. There were chalk drawings on the walls, with a picture of the Detroit skyline and fiery birds rising up from it. On the ceiling was a series of faceless men, and a detailed face with fire in its eyes and a twisted grin. Also, she was in the habit of marking up newspapers, looking for patterns. She told them about her dreams, and about how here was where she (and they) would find the New Dawn. Jesus, studying the pictures, saw the letters "DDD" in several, but Carla couldn't explain that, only that she'd seen it in her dreams.

Jesus, now a dreamer himself, sat down to meditate. In his Elpis vision, he saw the man's face change into a more human one. It grew a body, and floated down into the city, which had grown out from the skyline. Jesus heard a car crash, and then the faceless men floated down and started populating the city. Confused, Jesus related this to the throng.

Marty, for his part, noted that a recent article about "laser" technology had been altered to read "Glaser" instead. Glaser Mining, of course, was the company that had owned the ill-fated concern in Colorado. Marty made a note of that, and the throng left, taking Carla's number in case they found out a good lead on anything. Carla, it seemed, was kind of stuck.

The throng went then to the Oculus, where Marty talked, without much success, to the cat-creature. His dragon informed him that it wasn't a spirit, and Marty, intrigued, told the cat that he was still curious. "Get used to disappointment," the cat replied. It did tell him, though, that there was a locus nearby, and that the local pack liked to hang out there. It required climbing a building, though.

The characters went to the building, and were about to climb it (or fly, in Marty's case) when Jesse arrived. Phoenix, he said, was en route. So next time, more werewolves.
Friday, March 7th, 2008
4:04 pm
Water of Life Update
Tonight begins These Mortal Engines, the story set in Detroit (from Saturnine Night), probably the last one of the chronicle. We were sans Marty, because evidently newbis was sleepy. Or sick. Or grumpy. Or forgetful. Or Dopey. Pick a dwarf. Or a smurf.

The characters rolled into Detroit in August, all a-swelter. We decided to take a week or so of downtime for characters to go their separate ways in the city (though they actually stayed in pretty close contact). newbis, I will of course need to know what Marty was up to. Blue-booking for XP is available!

Julia joined the Detroit parkour club (dunno if there's one in real life, but in the WoD, there is), and Jesse learned the basics. Julia's to the point where she can scale sheer walls quickly. She dreamed, too, and in the dream saw herself changing forms but being constantly held back by...herself. The "holding back" self was still wearing the bracelet. She talked it over with the others, and they pointed out that she wasn't Julia Swansea, and never really had been. She questioned whether a name mattered, but they pointed out that Julia had been an addict, and she had recently overcome her own addiction. Julia decided, therefore, to take a new name - Phoenix, and in so doing, achieved an important milestone.

Jesus was researching Egyptian burial and funerary rites, in preparation for creating his own Promethean. He also developed the Elpis Merit, and in his meditation, saw the Detroit River full of bodies. He saw people fishing them out, saying, "my brother, my father, my mother, my son, etc." but noticed that some floated away unclaimed.

Hank learned the Refinement of Bronze, which was harder for him than he thought (probably because of lingering Torment and low Humanity).

Now, in looking around, the characters learned a few things. First, Detroit, of late, had been plagued by brownouts and blackouts. The city wasn't offering up any good reasons, but the worst of it had lasted about 20 minutes, city-wide.

Second, weird attacks going on. People getting jumped by strange, bald, white men with filed-sharp teeth. A couple of people had died, and Jesus decided to learn more. He went to a funeral home where a service was being held, and noted that the only person in residence (other than the staff) was the corpse. He used Corpse Tongue and asked if the dude had been drained of blood (no) and if he knew who'd killed him (no), and then what he'd like said at his funeral. He said he wanted it pointed out that he'd fought for his country, but that his country had forgotten and ignored him when he'd returned home. Jesus did that, and left, still perplexed but at least relieved that it wasn't vampires doing the killing.

Hank looked into Moses Moon, whom you'll recall was the demiurge of Lighthouse, and whose notes they'd found in Denver. Looking up his home address using his real name (Moustafa Jaymes), he went to his house and knocked on the door. A woman dressed in black answered, and Hank asked to find Moses. She replied that the service was tonight, at the Oculus Bookstore.


Moses had been murdered a couple of night ago, shot in the head after leaving said bookstore. The woman (Jenny) told Hank where the bookstore was, and the group decided to go en masse. Prior to that, they discussed the throng; Hank asked Spence if he like to become part of the pact. He said he would (Lead, remember), and Hank brought it up to the group, but Nathan said that he was fairly sure that Marty wouldn't allow it, since the only reason he'd let Nathan in was because of Al. That discussion was tabled (no Marty, after all), and the Prometheans went to the funeral.

The place was a true occult bookstore, but mostly supplies rather than books. As they walked in, a white cat saw Jesus and hissed at him. Jesus, using Ephemeral Flesh, saw that the cat was glowing, but didn't have time to pursue the matter. Jenny asked for help moving some heavy stuff, and as more people arrived, the service got underway.

The service consisted of a reading of the Egyptian Book of the Dead (all of it). During the reading, some of the folks nearby made some strange looks at Jesse, but things stayed civil. Julia activated Tainted Azoth to look for mages, and found that there were several in the audience.

When the reading was over, Jenny asked if anyone would like to speak. A few people did, including a man who simply said, "What happened to Moses Moon was wrong" with such gravitas that it put a chill up the characters' spines. Hank also said a few words, expressing regret that he never met Moses Moon but appreciation for the wisdom he'd left behind (speaking at a funeral, BTW, was a milestone for Hank).

After the service, Hank approached the man who'd spoken and asked what he meant. The man looked into Hank's eyes and forced him to tell him why he wanted to know, and then, after learning that Hank was "in the know" about the supernatural, told him that Moon shouldn't have died like that - he didn't deserve it. The man (whose name is Wincott), said that he knew that Moon wasn't robbed, but that his backpack and laptop were stolen after he'd been shot.

Jesus talked to Thorn, Jenny's husband, and asked to see the body. He initially refused, but after he told Thorn his name (his real name, Eptah), Thorn relented. Jesus used his power, and learned that Moon didn't know who'd killed him, but described him as a thin, hunched-over guy with what looked like a dirty lab coat, and rock-steady hands.

Phoenix sought out one of the mages, and talked with her about Moon. After a bit of conversation, during which Minerva revealed that there were several vampires and werewolves in attendance, Phoenix revealed that she wasn't really a mage. The mage, Minerva (whom you can find in Tome of the Watchtowers, if you're interested), didn't ask to know much about "Prometheans," after Phoenix identified them as such. She said that if she knew, and had to explain it to other mages, she couldn't be sure that they wouldn't hold her accountable for more knowledge. Hank joined them, and after hearing that he'd been talking to Wincott, Minerva offered to look in his mind for any residual effects (there wasn't any). Minerva told the characters that some of her folks had looked into the past to see the death, but that one of the charms Moses wore skewed any attempt at doing that. She gave Phoenix her card (turns out she's a pro dom), and was off. Minerva also told them about a pack of werewolves called the Brightmoor Devils, but warned them to be very careful in contacting them.

The characters decided to regroup and figure out what to do next. Next week, we're sans hot493, so we figure Phoenix is off with Jesse jumping off buildings or something.
Saturday, March 1st, 2008
11:38 am
Water of Life Update
Recall that last time, Jesus and Marty were going to the wastes. Hank, Julia, Nathan, Spence and Jesse were headed off to look in on Al, and to see if his New Dawn had left behind a spirit like the big ol' spite-snake in Toledo.

The two waste-goers went to a disused quarry outside of Toledo, and found areas at opposite ends where they could be alone. Jesus spent the time stacking rocks in intricately balanced structures, practicing kung fu, that sort of thing. About two weeks in, a Pandoran found him and took a couple of chunks out of him. He was actually pretty worried for a sec - if he could have used his Transmutations, he'd have had no problem, but without them he was getting hurt.

And then he remembered that he could use Reagant to shut Pandorans down. I ruled that using Reagant doesn't count as calling on the Divine Fire, since it's stored in the Athanor and refined. So he shut down the Pandoran and burned it.

Marty, meanwhile, was carving his Ramble (in French) into the walls of a cave. During his time, a couple of people crept down there to see what the "creepy stuff" happening at the quarry was about (read: Ulgan Wasteland). Marty tried to hide, and tried to scare them off, but finally used his Athanor to wake up the spirits of the area and buried himself in a cave-in to avoid losing him time in the wastes.

The other folks drove to Mississippi. They called ahead to Muriel, the mage who ran the bar that Al wound up working at (if you need a refresher, it was this story where they met these mages). She said he was doing fine, and invited the characters to dinner that night (making sure to strengthen her folks' minds against Disquiet). At dinner, they discussed Al (who wasn't present), and one of the mages noted that after Al had arrived as a human, he'd seen huge lion-esque footprints in the spirit world, walking away from the bar. The characters noted that Al had created a Lion Athanor, and that a spirit had apparently not lingered the way it had in Toledo.

That night, they went into the bar and watched as Al made drinks. Hank and Julia discussed how Julia felt about Al leaving, and she finally admitted that she was angry because he'd left without saying goodbye. Hank pointed out that it wasn't really about her, and that Al had done what he needed to do. Nathan, too, mentioned that Al had spoken to him on the morning he'd found Mortality, but that at the time, he hadn't quite understood what Al had meant (he'd been all of a week old at that point, after all). Julia, feeling the stirrings of Vitriol, went up to the bar and got a drink. Al asked if they knew each other, and asked her name. She replied, "Julia," and walked back...feeling the Vitriol-tickle subsiding.

Hank, however, did make a milestone, here - he helped Julia cope with her bitterness. This was the beginning of Hank's step onto Bronze. Julia, meanwhile, was receding from her brief stint on Tin, but wasn't sure where to go. They started heading back to Ohio.

Meanwhile, the other folks had successfully bled off their Torment. And then Marty, trapped in the cave-in and waiting for Jesus to save him, felt Azoth call to Azoth...but not Jesus'. Rusty Nail called to him, saying that Persephone was there. Marty welcomed the chance to speak to her, and Mr. January and Rusty moved the rocks.

Persephone was still pissed at Marty for leaving her behind. Marty still defended that decision, but submitted to Persephone. It became obvious that she had learned who Mama Desta was, and had trouble dealing with that. Rusty and January held Marty down, and Persephone carved out part of his Vitriol. Marty, however, made it very clear that he was allowing this, and that if she ever came back around looking for a fight, he'd kill her (important note, that).

Jesus showed up and asked Marty if he needed help, but Marty refused. Jesus considered attacking anyway, since he knows he needs to fight out of real anger, but chose not to. Once the lacuna was done, Persephone (having lost a dot of Humanity, you'll note) realized something, but didn't say quite what.

Jesus asked Rusty why he was doing this, and Rusty replied that his loyalty was to the throng. "I've been worse," he said.

The others arrived shortly thereafter, and the group of them talked about their next move. Marty felt the need to be around people again, and since Julia was now going back to Aurum (and instructing Jesse in such, which fulfilled a milestone for her), she agreed. The throng headed for Detroit, to spend some time clubbing before tracking down Moses Moon, and the address to which Robert, the serial-killer Redeemed, had addressed his notes.

Before they left, Hank and Julia spoke to their creations, making sure that they didn't feel like Persephone did. They didn't. Marty also received word from Persephone, via the Sigils on the Wind Transmutation: "Humans are weak. You didn't tell me that, because you haven't learned it."
Thursday, February 21st, 2008
11:09 pm
Water of Life Update
Last time, the characters were en route to Toledo in order to check out a public pool, which they'd seen in a photo carried by a serial killer that they suspected might have once been a Promethean. On the way, Julia had a dream in which everyone in the world had two left hands.

Turns out they were right about that. They got to the pool, parked, and left Nathan, Jesse and Spence with the cars whilst they went in. They found large amounts of Flux and Pyros near a disused pool (the other two pools were working fine). Marty flashed his EPA cred, and they got near the pool to find lots of slugs. Hank peeled back the cover, and Marty ate one of the slugs...and immediately lost both his teeth and all his current Pyros. The Barmaid they'd met back on the road materialized, and told them that what they were looking for was in the filter.

Julia opened the filter and found a small booklet, wrapped in a plastic garbage bag, addressed to someplace in Detroit (but no name). Inside was the autobiography of Robert, the Promethean-turned-human-turned-serial killer. The qashmal told them that she couldn't let the book fall into the wrong hands, and they went round and round about that before realizing that if everyone's left-handed (literally), there are no "right" hands. But, they did read the book first.

Marty and Jesus also discovered a big snake-looking spirit curled around the pool. Jesus spoke with it, and it was spiteful and abrasive in extremis. It also had eyes made of tin. This led the Prometheans to suspect that it might have been created when Robert reached the New Dawn through the Refinement of Tin. Reading the book confirmed that this was, indeed, what he'd done. He'd grown more spiteful over the years (he'd also been a member of the Botherud), and his last entry before reaching Mortality included the phrase: "I see beautiful people all around, and I will soon be one of them. I also see ugly and undeserving people, and I will try to tolerate them."

After reading the book, Marty fed it to the snake-spirit. It grew bigger. The characters left, heading for Detroit.

En route, they discussed things. Julia, who has been growing steadily angrier since Al reached the New Dawn without saying goodbye, tumbled onto the Refinement of Tin. She spoke with Jesse about her creation and about anger. Jesse was confused by her reference to her "human life" as a model, and Marty and Nathan tried to explain to both Julia and Jesse that one's human body was just dross, material to make what one is now as a Promethean.

Nathan and Marty talked about the group, and Marty expressed his desire to go to the wastes, but worried about what Hank and Julia would do if he did that. Julia called him a self-righteous prick for that, and the two of them argued (again) about Julia's decision to kill Robert.

Hank, meanwhile, was in the other car with Jesus and Spence. They talked about the Refinement of Lead, and Spence opined that it, perhaps, wasn't getting him where he needed to go. Maybe, he said, the Pilgrimage was a matter of finding out what tool you needed in order to reach that final milestone, becoming human. Tumblers in a lock, yeah? And thus, maybe Robert had tried it on the wrong one for him, or maybe he'd done it right and fucked it up as a human.

The group stopped for gas, and Jesse and Julia included Hank in their conversation. Jesse asked Hank to clarify this whole "Julia was once Julia-the-human, but I've never been Jesse-the-Promethean." Hank mentioned Jesse's human-body's name (Sam), and Jesse winced in pain and his disfigurements flared. He walked away, apparently angry and hurt, about the time that the others returned.

They gave Jesse a little time, and Marty taught Nathan to drive. They also discussed going to the wastes, and Marty decided that he and Jesus would go ahead and do that before the trip to Detroit. Nathan was a good moral compass for the throng, anyway.

Julia went to get Jesse, and Jesse told her that thinking about Sam hurt. He hoped Sam had been a good guy, but he was Jesse now, and dwelling on Sam wouldn't help him on his journey. He asked what Julia was hoping to get out of clinging to her human roots, and she admitted she didn't know.

The throng split for a month. Jesus and Marty went to a large quarry outside Toledo to burn off their Torment. The others? Going to Mississippi to look at (if not interact with) Al. Hank thinks this might be good for Julia, since she's obviously upset by what happened there.

Milestones are imminent.

This was the end of a story, but next session is a kind of self-contained dealie before we start "These Mortal Engines" from Saturnine Night.
Thursday, February 14th, 2008
5:00 am
Burning Footsteps update
This session was about half-infodump and half adventure, but it was a solid one to get back into, I think. I'd been holding off because Ander's player wasn't available on Thursdays for a while and I really wanted him to be there for a scene, but to keep from holding up the game I worked out a way to move things along and give him room to say what needs to be said to the group's mysterious visitor. Anyhow...

Burning Footsteps, Session 31Collapse )
Friday, February 8th, 2008
5:27 pm
Water of Life Update
The characters were off to a bar called Meg's, in which they hoped to find Grease, which is the word. No, actually, it's the name of the dude that stole some of Hank's Vitriol last time, and the characters assume that he might be somehow connected to these "Network 0" people that keep filming them.

They got to the bar, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. They wandered in and the patrons, a rather depressed lot, were surprised to see anyone new. Hank chatted with Meg, behind the bar, and she told him that Grease had been in, but only a couple of times. She told him (after he slipped her some money) that he'd come in with a woman, and she'd thrown a business card into the jar on the bar.

Jesus, as it happened, had already noticed that. The card was for a woman named "Anna Frane," and she was a photographer. They took the card and left, and then went to get some sleep, not having anything terribly pressing on the plate.

Next day, Marty and Hank went to the police station so that Marty could paw through the remains of his RV. He retrieved the plates for the Mutus Liber, some clothes, some of Jesus' DVDs, and his rifle. Gone were his vampire skulls and, sadly the Water of Life, though he didn't find any evidence that it had shattered, so it had apparently been stolen. Marty filed his paperwork and got a rental mini-van while the insurance claim goes through for a new RV.

Jesus, Julia, Nathan, Spence and Jesse, meantime, went to the St. Louis library to do some digging on Anna. They discovered that she had published several books of photos, the most recent of which dealt with structures that indigenous Americans had built (mounds, etc.). She was also presumed dead - several years ago, her family's home in Indianapolis had been invaded and her parents and husband had been murdered. Her body was never found.

Marty arrived and sorted through his email, called his employers and convinced them not to fire him for not checking in for, what, almost a month? Then the characters left the city for Indy, leaving behind their semi but taking the pickup and Marty's new minivan.

They arrived in Indy and headed for the address on the card, once Anna's studio. It was now an orofacial clinic, and had obviously been gutted - no leads here. They headed to the house where her family had died and broke in. Marty used Ephemeral Flesh, and discovered her husband's ghost sitting on no chair at no table drinking no coffee.

Marty talked with him a minute and tried to get him to realize he was dead, but then flew through the air (not under his own power). The ghost of Anna's father attacked telekinetically, telling Marty to leave well enough alone. The other characters came in, and the ghost of Anna's mother possessed Julia, who took a stab at Jesus. She missed, though, and Spence grappled her. The fight continued for a few minutes, the poltergeist beating on Marty while the possessing ghost through illusions around, but Jesus spent a bunch of XP and learned Ephemeral Flesh (which, coincidentally, fulfilled a milestone for him - "learn another lineage's Bestowment"). Marty and Jesus grappled the ghosts and Marty got them to calm down.

Turns out that vampires had really killed them, and they weren't sure what had happened to Anna. The father-ghost said that they were waiting for the husband-ghost to snap out of it so they could pass on. Marty offered to help, and they grudgingly allowed him to do so. Between Jesus and Marty, they were able to get him to realize he was dead. At that point, he said he knew where Anna was. Marty told him that he'd like a word, because of a little "misunderstanding" she was having. He told Marty to give him a minute with the in-laws, at which point the other two ghosts passed on. The husband (Mark, BTW), then told Marty that he'd check in with Anna, and memorized Marty's number...and then vanished, as though turning 90 degrees from the world (jumping between anchors, you see).

Not having a further reason to hang around Indy, the characters bedded down for the night. Tomorrow, they'll head for Toledo, to see what's up with the Lucas County Rec Center.
Friday, January 25th, 2008
12:08 am
Water of Life Update
The characters headed across I-70, following the spirit's guidance to catch up with the RV. Marty learned enough trucker slang to put out some feelers for it, so as to track it that way, too. A day later, they got a tip that it was headed through St. Louis, which is where Nathan is from, sorta. They dropped Jesse and Spence off at a mall on the way into town in order to lessen the impact of Azoth calling to Azoth, and drove around for a while, searching for a hit.

They found the RV via Jesus' Firebranded DVDs, in fact. The RV was on the top floor of a parking garage, and the cables on the perimeter had been snapped. As they approached, the RV started up. Marty used Ephemeral Flesh and yelled out for the spirit inside; turns out it was a ghost. Marty conversed with it, and asked it if it really had to wreck the RV. It said it wasn't enslaved to do that, it just liked wrecking things. Marty asked it to spare the computer (but that he didn't care about the RV), but failed to convince the ghost, and it drove the RV over the side.

Down the street, Marty talked with it again. The ghost said that it had seen other people enter the RV after Persephone had left it. From his description, it would be the folks who've been filming the characters of late. Marty filed the paperwork to get his insurance claim for the RV, and the characters headed back to claim Jesse and Spence. Jesus and Hank started working the streets, as it were, looking for a way to sell the group's semi.

It took all night, but they found someone who had a contact. A new guy in town, name of Grease, was interested. Hank (working alone because he can Quell Disquiet), paid the dude off for the information and went to meet Grease at a warehouse. Grease said that he'd just bought the place, and would come for the truck soon, but could Hank pick the model of the truck from a picture, so he'd know what he was getting? Hank walked over to a workbench...and a large, metal object fell on his head.

Turned out to be a truck engine. Stunned, Hank was pushed down and grappled (which is a switch). Grease pulled a big hypodermic needle out of his tool belt and stole a bit of Vitriol from Hank. Hank tried to fry them with Divine Lightning...and the player failed the roll. He then rolled to resist Torment...and failed. Hank sank into Torment, which means lightless, soundless nothing. His assailants fled.

Meanwhile, Jesus, outside, hadn't heard any ruckus because there was a loud device running inside (turned out to be an air compressor, but not plugged in or serving any other focus but making noise). By the time he got in, the assailants were gone. Jesus waited for Hank to get out of Torment, and while he did he took a look around. The place was sparse, and there was no evidence of a stakeout. These folks had been ready to roll.

Marty and the others arrived, and considered what next. They're still looking to sell the truck, and Hank wants some payback, so he called the guy who'd hooked him up with Grease and asked about him. The contact told him about a bar on the north side of town called "Megs." So they're headed there next time.
Friday, January 11th, 2008
5:05 pm
Burning Footsteps
Well, it happened... last night we got to play Promethean for the first time in several months. It was kind of a short session (because the coffee shop where we play closed early) and mostly about getting back into the groove of the game. So here we go, folks...

Burning Footsteps, Session 30Collapse )
3:59 pm
Water of Life Update
The characters, you'll recall, were outside a trucker/biker bar looking to find a serial killer who'd been murdering lot prostitutes, at the behest of the highway spirit. They walked into the bar...and everything stopped.

Not in the Western-movie way where everyone looks at the strangers. Everything stopped. Beer "froze" pouring into glasses. Cards being tossed at the table stopped in mid-air. The characters, having a bit of a "wtf?" moment, noted a short, humanoid creature with slugs for hair. It offered Jesus a beer, and then proceeded to swipe another dude's beer and chug it.

She told them to stay away from "Bob," the killer in question. She refused to explain why. Hank questioned her and she sucked five points of Pyros away from her. Marty used Confession on her, and she revealed that her "mission" was to stop the characters from messing with Bob. Marty always used Sense Flux, and found that she was pure Flux. But Jesus tried Sense Pyros, and found that she was pure Pyros. Then everything started up again, and she vanished.

Marty, being a bright sort, figured that she was a qashmal, but unlike the one that the characters met back in New Orleans, this one seemed more about Flux than Pyros. They left the area and started looking around, figuring that they could still get Bob locked up (Marty was adamant that they not kill him) without interacting with him. They talked this out with Jesse and Spence, and then Marty and Hank walked down toward the attached junkyard, Marty looking for spirits.

They got to the fence and Marty saw big ol' guard-dog spirits, just as Hank saw the real guard dogs. Marty talked with them a bit, but then heard someone call for help from the junkyard's interior. They called for the others, and Marty activated his Firebranded stake and flew over the fence. Hank electrocuted the dogs with Shock (not fatally) and climbed over. The others weren't far behind.

They moved into the junkyard's interior, Marty still flying. And then something grabbed his leg and jerked him down into the junkyard. Hank came running just in time to see something that looked like an oil slick strewn with broken glass smash Marty across the face. Hank grabbed Marty and tried to pull him away, but no luck - the thing had him.

The others showed up and attacked, but hitting the thing only seemed to make it billow out disgusting black goo. Then a car activated itself and lurched forward, striking Julia (but not badly). The monster receded, the cry for help sounded again, so the characters moved further in...but then the creature attacked again, trying to be sneaky and grab Nathan. The others noticed, and Hank fried it with Divine Lightning. It exploded, covering them with goo, and a car radio somewhere said, "Fuck you!" - apparently, the call for help was a trap.

The characters left the junkyard and Jesus climbed a pole to suck some electricity. Thunder sounded, but it didn't feel right. Jesse, who apparently has some facility for sensing Flux, noted that the Flux was getting worse and he was scared. The storm was growing, but it wasn't a natural storm. Marty decided to Firebrand Bob's truck, but blew a Stealth roll. Someone yelled to Bob, "Hey, someone's fucking with your truck!" and approached Marty (Marty used Suggestion to get rid of him). Bob emerged, saw Marty...and took off.

Marty searched the truck and found soap, but in the cab he found a box of news clippings about the murders on the highways and a photograph of the sign in front of the "Lucas County Recreation Center."

He ran toward the other characters, saw them, and jumped over the fence in an impressive display of athletic prowess. Julia, not pleased that this guy was killing hookers, used Swift Feet to run around the junkyard and lay in wait for him. He noticed her, and kept running. She kept up with him by using Pyros and Willpower, but it was like a monkey fucking a football there for a while - she'd catch him, grab at him, miss, and he'd run. Once she grappled him, but he succeeded on the chance die to get free. He even shot at her while running away (Parkour 5, kids) and hit her, but y'know, she's a Promethean.

She finally caught him and used Fixed Stare to hold him. The others showed up, and Hank immobilized him, but when he heard he'd shot Julia, he fried him with Shock (and lost a dot of Humanity, dropping him to 4). They took his body to the highway and Marty contacted the spirit, who told him to toss the body onto the road. The buzzards immediately appeared and started eating him.

Marty talked to the road-spirit, and learned that Persephone had been keeping tabs on him via small, barely noticeably spirits. He walked back to the truck stop, while Jesus, pissed off at Hank and Julia for being so bloodthirsty, sat and watched the birds. He talked to Hank, and Hank explained that he had chosen to kill Bob because he knew he was damned anyway - he'd known since Stygia that the others were better than he was, so it was better to let him do the murdering work. At about this point, Hank felt his Pyros return, and Jesus sensed some large amount of Pyros fading away. The qashmal, it seemed, had returned to the Principle.

Marty made arrangements with the bartender to unload the stuff in the back of Bob's truck, and then looked over the others and found two little rat-like spirits clinging to Jesse and Spence. He sent them on their way, and the throng discussed their next moves. Jesus used Corpse Tongue on Bob's remains and learned that the Rec Center was where Bob "woke up." Before that he didn't remember anything. He also had been able to recognize the Prometheans for what they were, prompting Hank to speculate that he might have been a Promethean. Marty disputed that, wondering what kind of Promethean would go on to be a serial killer.

The throng decided to get their RV back from Persephone, and then go on to the Lucas County Rec Center. They want to see if any trace remains of "Bob" there.
Friday, January 4th, 2008
11:23 am
Water of Life Update
The characters, you might recall (but then, you might not - here) were chasing down the stolen RV in a beat-up pickup truck. They turned off the highway into the hills, and navigating based on the coordinates that Onstar gave them (during which Jesse, Julia's creation, reversed-figured coordinates based on a map and some quick math, which kinda surprised them), found an old tractor trailer on the side of the road.

No Pyros, no Flux. But a heavy lock on the door. Hank broke it off and they climb in, except for Jesus, who climbed on the top to watch for approaching trouble.

Inside, Marty found a lot of guns, motorcycle parts, and a map from circa 1958. He did not, however, find any trace of his RV. On the back of the door, though, they found a symbol. Jesus' Translator's Eye had it reading "Divine Warriors Who Bleed for their Cause" or something. Marty recognized it as Uratha in nature. (At that point, he chose not to steal from them.)

Jesus got back on the truck and noticed, in the distance, something pointed at them that might be a scope or a lens. He also heard approaching motorcycles. The characters got out of line of "fire," and the bikers approached, four of them - folks we haven't seen since Reese's funeral, the Scar Angels. They were obviously not pleased, but didn't jump right to violence. Marty explained what had happened and mentioned the sniper, whereupon one of the Angels turned into a hawk, circled around, and reported that it was a girl with a big camera. Marty figured it was Network 0, making a new video.

Duke, the pack leader, told the characters that the RV had been driven by a "great big fat black lady." Marty, recognizing the description of his creation, Persephone, wondered again what her problem was. "I left her with a competent Promethean, what else could I have done?" he lamented. Last the Angels had seen, she was heading north. And then the werewolves told the Prometheans to leave.

A side note: A fight between them would have gone badly for the werewolves, but probably been costly for the Prometheans, too.

Anyway, they decided to loop around and find the Network 0 van and take car of those chumps. They found them coming down the mountain and Jesus, driving, tried to cut them off, but their driver is schooled at this kind of thing (and has Merits from the forthcoming Midnight Roads book). They tried to catch up, and Hank threw a bolt of lighting with his new Divine Lightning power, but the van lost them on the highway.

Marty asked the highway spirit where his RV was. The highway-spirit said it didn't know, but that it had been keeping just a little ahead of the characters for a while now. Marty wondered how she was doing that, and the spirit said it could tell him, if he'd do a little favor. Seems there's a dude in a big 18-wheeler killing truck stop hookers - could Marty make him stop?

Sure, that's the kind of thing that just isn't cool anyway. The characters looked at various truck stops (highlights: We discover that Jesse isn't exactly stupid, but he does have issues with figurative language, and was very upset by the idea of "slang." Also Julia has sex for money. Again.). Finally, Julia talks with a couple of lot lizards, most of whom think she's a reporter (she's too pretty to be out here), but one realizes that Julia is telling the truth when she says she's an addict. She tells Julia that this trucker that she's looking for is known as bad news at some truck stops, but there's a lot of them, after all. He can often be found at this trucker/biker bar butting up against a junkyard about 30 miles up.

The characters find this place, and sure enough, his truck's in the lot. Bikers immediately start whistling at Julia. The whole scene has a very Dusk Til Dawn sort of feel.

And that's where we left it.
7:29 am
Should be caught up...
Okay, this post should catch me up.

Burning Footsteps, Sessions 22-29Collapse )

Now, this is where the game left off on a hiatus. A little anti-climactic, I'll admit, but the way I had the session paced didn't prepare for them to actually investigate the burned-out structure of the building with any real detail. Either way, with any luck, the game will return next Thursday. Let's hope, eh?

Later, folks.
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